Jewelry Box – Make Your Own Homemade Jewelry Box

Even if you think it may be difficult to make your own homemade jewelry box, it really is not, especially if you are a creative individual who enjoys working with your hands. You can make your own jewelry box out of the various materials you have on hand. Here are a few tips to assist you in making your own homemade jewelry box.

Selecting Your Designs

You may come up with your own designs or not, however there are no real rules when it comes to designing your own jewelry box. If you are pressed for time, you might consider surfing the internet or looking offline to find just the right design to use. You will find with a bit of research that you can locate various online resources on designing your own jewelry box, simply go online and begin using the search engines. You can find some easy and simple directions to follow and then begin working. Of course, you are not to be expected to make a perfect box when you are first beginning, so be patient with yourself, while keeping in mind that it does take time and practice to create your perfect jewelry box.

Selecting Your Materials

Jewelry box materials need not be expensive, you can simply search your home for something that can be used to make your box. Let your creativity guide you, while working with such treasure trinkets as colorful findings of rhinestones and other gems. Seashells, broken costume jewelry pieces and chains as well as ribbons can be very impressive on a homemade jewelry box.

Using these small trinkets decorate your box, by gluing the chain or ribbons on it with hot glue or nail fasteners. Then you can strategically place the other findings, to create a fashionable homemade jewelry box. Just remember to place the items first to check the eye appeal, before actually gluing down your chosen decorations.

When you find that there is little around your home to use, check out the local school or office supply and thrift stores as well as other specialty stores to find some very interesting items to make your box. You may also find some uniquely appealing materials by visiting flea markets and garage or yard sales, church bazaars and other such places of activity when making your own box.

Gifting Your Homemade Jewelry Box

When planning the gifting of your box for someone dear, always consider their personality and all around taste in the things they choose, while designing your box. Imagine that person feeling especially special when you gift the box to them and it suits their tastes and personality well. Other than considering the individual characteristics of that person, when gifting them a box, you will also need to consider the type of designs of the jewelry it is intended to hold and keep.

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