How to Spot a Fake Gucci Handbag

One of the problems with Gucci handbags is that, unlike Fendi, Coach and Chanel, they do not have a serial number registration system. Thus familiarizing yourself with the serial numbers is important. The serial numbers for a Gucci handbag have the corresponding model number stamped on the underside of the tag, directly above the serial number. The total numbers in the sequence should be 10-13 numbers. On the front side of the tag it should read: Gucci, made in Italy, with the trademark symbol. There is a link below that provides more detail.

Because Gucci is one of the limited amount of designers that will sell off-season irregulars (bags with defects), and overstock inventory to their outlet stores and to brokers, Gucci details can vary from bag to bag. This is similar to Coach. When a company does not have a specific blueprint for their handbags, then that opens the door for counterfeiters to capitalize on the lack of uniformity. Chanel and Louis Vuitton are good examples of companies that keep their handbags uniform.

So this means that spotting fake Gucci comes down, often times, to examining the quality.

The Font: This is a good place to start. The Gucci tag fonts may at times, vary slightly from bag to bag, depending on the region of Europe they were manufactured in. But the majority of the time the font will always be a powerful tell for spotting a fake Gucci. The Gucci font should not be puffy, crooked, overly circular, undefined or blurry. The Gucci font should be a clear and crisp impression. The overly circular fake font is a common mistake made by counterfeiters.

Font alignment: The font should also line up symmetrically. Both the “Gucci”, and the “Made in Italy”, should be perfectly centered inside the label, and relative to each other. The GUCCI stamp should be centered perfectly above the Made in Italy, and the Made in Italy stamp should be centered perfectly within the label. Anything looking off-centered is a huge red flag, and strong evidence that the bag is fake.

Label Stitching: The stitching that frames the label should also maintain perfect symmetry. Meaning the distance from the stitch line to the labels edge should remain consistent on all four sides of the label. The stitches themselves should also be consistent, every last stitch being the same length on all four sides of the label. If the stitch lines are crooked or if the stitches are erratic sizes, the handbag is most likely a fake Gucci.

Good Luck and safe shopping

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