How to Maximize Your Wedding Registry

It's pretty common knowledge that wedding registry means you will be receiving many gifts from your wedding guests. Choosing what you desire wisely and with some guidance will help you start your marriage with the proper items for your new home and life together. However, the gifts alone are not the only way to maximize the wedding registry experience. Wedding registry can also mean lots of freebies for you and your spouse.

Many retailers offer freebies to couples registering at their stores. By choosing a store to register, you are bringing that store plenty of business. When looking through catalogs, many contain information on registry events the store will host. These events tend to be free and informative; you just need to RSVP in advance

These themed parties are informative as they guide you through the process. In addition, they tend to have free gifts and food for the couple. The free gifts are not as extravagant as tungsten wedding bands, however; the free gifts are very useful. These events are excellent, not just for the freebies, but also because they tend to have many sales associates that can help you and give you the attention you would want. Most of these are held near closing time and continue after the stores regular hours. The associates know what they are doing and can be great in helping you select your certain styles and color patterns for your registry.

Some places give out recommended items lists to registrants that include everything the new couple may need for their new life. These handouts cover all aspects of the home, from your bathroom to your backyard.

At certain retailer's events, local caterers are invited to offer samples of their specialties. This is a great way of meeting possible caterers as well as a way for the retailers to demonstrate some of their appliances. Everybody wins.

At these events, you get a pep talk by some of the sales associates. Then, it's time for the fun part. You get a scanner gun and it's time to go crazy and scan to your heart's content. Hopefully, you take the recommendations and lessons you learned into account and scan responsibly. The scanners link to the store's computer system. Once this is done, you can get a printout of your selections.

Now, most stores have websites with registry sections that can give you a gift status on your registry selections. This tool is helpful to monitor, if you like to do that, what has been purchased for you. This is great for those who hate surprises. More importantly and more useful, you can add or delete items from the comfort of your current home. No matter where you go, take into consideration advice that is given, and mold your choices to your needs. Most importantly, have fun making your selections!

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