How to Make Wine at Home – Merlot

These wine grapes from California first appeared as a varietal label in the 70’s and from then rose to popularity. Until in the 80’s when it really gained a huge following in the market and began selling big. Actually, these California wine grapes only appeared as a varietal label in the 70’s. But it was in the 80’s that it really started selling big until it eventually controlled the wine market. They are widely used among enthusiasts and consumers who are starting to learn about how to make wine at home.

Merlot is the so-called insurance for the vineyard. This is so because the Merlot grapes tend to ripen one week earlier than the other varietals like the Cabernet. Thus, rain plays a huge part in its harvest.

Every type of wine has a proper temperature to which it should be served. As for Merlot, it is best served slightly below room temperature. If not, once the alcohol hits 74 degrees F, the taste of your wine will turn a bit sharper than usual and I’m not sure if you’d like that. This is why it’s better to refrigerate or cool your wine for about 15 minutes before serving it. By doing so, you can be assured that your wine will be served at the best temperature possible which will preserve the good taste of your wine.

How to make wine at home, particularly Merlot, is pretty easy. It’s the most basic and is practically similar with the process of making any homemade wine. Of course, all equipment must be prepared well and all ingredients must be gathered first. There are additional ingredients used on how to make wine at home aside from the usual ingredients. You need to add 22 liters of merlot juice and 1 liter of blackberry juice. This will add flavor to your homemade Merlot wine.

Below are the easy steps on how to make wine at home. Follow them step by step and you would produce one great tasting Merlot wine. And then you will realize that it really is just easy to create your own homemade wine. Eventually, you will be able to make your own wine recipe and hopefully even learn to profit from this fantastic hobby of yours.

1. Combine potassium metabisulphate and one gallon of water in a bucket that you’ve prepared. Use the cloth and immerse it in the solution for about five minutes. When this is done, you will use the same cloth when you clean the fermenters.

2. Mix the blackberry and merlot juices in one of the fermenters and stir them very well.

3. Then add the yeast and Lalvin EC1118 champagne yeast right on top. After one hour of setting it aside, stir them again.

4. Every day, for the next five days, keep stirring the mixture once each day. Let it sit again for another two days.

5. In learning how to make wine at home, it is important to tightly seal the mixture and leave it for 21 days.

6. Using another fermenter, siphon the mixture from the first bottle to the second bottle. Let it sit again for the next 28 days.

7. After that period, your Merlot wine is quite ready for bottling. Once it’s bottled and corked, leave it for an additional 90 days maximum just to make sure it has aged well.

Now that you know how to make wine at home, start making some! Or you can opt to learn more about how to make wine at home by doing some more research online.

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