How to Do Wedding Invites Over Facebook

Must Know Tips for Handling Wedding Invitations Over Facebook
Planning a wedding is a monumental challenge filled with all sorts of tasks and expenses. Between the venue, the attire, the food, and the selecting the wedding party, this leaves little time for crafting physical wedding invitations. With the way social media has become an integral part of everyone's life, why not send out wedding invitations electronically? These can actually be cheaper and more creative than crafting the physical invitations of decades past. Best of all, if the invitations are sent out over Facebook, they go right to the cell phone of all the wedding guests instantly! Interested in finding out how to do this? Read on below!

1. You need to actually create your wedding

This does not mean physically plan your entitlement wedding before sending out invitations. This means creating a Facebook event for your wedding. This will allow you to invite people to your wedding. Look to the right of your Facebook newsfeed above that annoying wall of advertisements. Click the "create event" button here. By clicking on this button, a popup rectangle will appear where you need to fill in the details of your event. The first part is the title. You can go with something simple or get creative and title it whatever your heart desires. It does not matter what your wedding is called, as long as it pleases you and the guests actually know what the event is. Also fill in the location of the wedding. This can include both the location of the service as well as the wedding reception. It may also be helpful to include a link to a map showing physically where these places are. Feel free to toy around with this feature to make these spots easy for your guests to find. Do not forget to fill in the time under the "when" slot as well. Date, time, and time zone are all important for your out of town guests. Finally, the "details" slot is for any pertinent information that has not been discussed yet. Dress, number of guests, and food allergies are all possible bits of information for this line.

2. Privacy

Under the "when" slot you will see a label for privacy options with a button next to it. Make sure you do not neglect this step. This can lead to everyone on Facebook, friends or not, to know about the event and possibly crash the wedding. By setting this to "public," everyone will see it. Setting this tab to "friends" will allow all of your friends, invited or not, to view the information about your wedding. Setting it to "invite only" will allow only those invited to see the information. Choose whichever option fits you best. The two check boxes underneath will allow your guests to send wedding invites to other people and for those people to see the guest list.

3. Actually inviting people

Next is actually inviting people. On the left of the box is the button for "invite friends." Clicking this button will lead to a long popup list of all of your friends. By clicking the box next to their name will trigger the wedding invites to appear on their Facebook account. The guest can then indicate that they are "attending," "maybe" attending, or "decline" the invitation. This will trigger a notification on your end. When they reply they can also leave comments that you can view in your account. This invitation response will also show up on their newsfeed where it can be visible to people depending on the privacy information you've selected for your event.

You can also return to your wedding to edit the details at any time by going to your events calendar.

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