How to Create Sand Art in Tall Glass Vases

If you have been wondering how to create sand art in tall glass vases, then you have come to the right spot! In this guide, you will learn exactly how easy it is to create an artistic masterpiece by way of colorful sand. There are just a couple of things that you will need to acquire in order to create your masterpiece.

First, you will want to gather a sand art kit. There are typically two types. The kind that comes with the sand already mixed in colored powdered paint, and the type that comes with the powdered paint separate from the sand, that you mix yourself. If you are seeking the "easy" method on how to create sand art in tall glass vases, then I suggest getting the mixed type.

The next thing that you will need, of course, are some tall glass vases, or just one – your choice. You will also need some sealant. The best type for this type of project, in my opinion, is the clear sealant that comes in the container that looks a lot like a caulking container. Once you have gathered the supplies for the project, you are all ready to start!

You will want to decide what type of color scheme that you want to go for prior to starting the project. If you want to go with a color that is outside of the normal colors offered, it may be best to acquire a set where you mix your own powdered paint. This way, you can create the unique colors that will match your décor.

Once you have all the colored sands that you want, you will want to acquire a funnel, and start pouring the colors in the tall glass vases that you have designated for the project. You must understand that the sand will be layered in the vase all the way up. So, you will want to pour one section that is colored one color, and then pour another color, and so on.

Once all the colors have been added to the vase, you will want to take the sealant and start closing up the top of the vase. For an added effect, you should mix up a little of each color of the sand that you use in the sealant so that it is more decorative when it dries. If you have always wanted to know how to create sand art in tall glass vases, this is all there is to it!

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