How To Choose The Right Tiffany Lamp For Your Home

Tiffany Lamps, designed by Mr. Louis Comfort Tiffany in the 19th century, have been since played a major part in enhancing many a home décor. It is not only colorful and beautiful to the eyes, but also useful lighting devices that is at par with any light source we usually use at home. It is unfortunate that there are still some people amid us who think that Tiffany lamps are more than a decorating piece than a functional device.

When Mr. Tiffany first made his brand of Tiffany lamps, he used hand cut colored glass pieces and copper foils to hold them in place. With changing times, now, it is no more hand made, and in place of copper foils and colored glass, other materials are used instead. The fact that there are Tiffany lamps which costs millions of dollars will give you an idea about what all materials can go into the making of a fancy Tiffany lamp.

Here, not be amused when in the lamp shops near you, you find hundreds of Tiffany lamps and shades, costly and cheap, in different shapes, sizes, and functional designs. But, the real test is choosing one, the right lamp, for your home, that matches its decor.

So, how to select the right Tiffany lamp for your home? Well, cost is one factor, but at affordable rates, still there are hundreds of models available, whether it is accent lamps, cloth lamps, traditional lamps or wisteria lamps you may be looking for. Firstly, look for the color scheme and see if it matches your home décor. The same principle applies for the lamp bases and styling as well. Keep in mind, when you hear the names Wisteria, Dragonfly lamps, or Rose style, they may be named after their base or the theme on which the lamp design is based. Find the ones that meet your requirements, taste, and budget.

Another aspect to look for in Tiffany lamps is the scale of the lamp and the size of its shade. If it is a table lamp, it preferably should be short and the shade effectively covering the bulb and directing the glow only downwards. Also, important is the circumference of the shade, which ideally should not be protruding too far. Else, there is the chance of someone knocking it off its base accidentally when walking by. In the case of ceiling fixtures and floor lamps, also consider its fitting and height respectively.

Finally, the wattage of the Tiffany lamps; it must ideally based on its purported function and use. For accent lamps and general lighting purposes, any wattage will serve the purpose. However for reading, more light may be required and a 100W bulb will be just perfect. The same is the case with floor lamps, certain wall fixtures, chandeliers, and pool lights.

You could find more resources on Tiffany lamps in the web. In fact, the choices available are simply aplenty and if there is any limitation, then it could be only your imagination. Also, always look for genuine makes and be careful not to get duped by duplicates.

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