How to Care For Fiesta Dinnerware

Fiesta dinnerware is probably one of the most important pieces of crockery in your collection. Fiesta dinnerware needs to be properly cared for by both enthusiasts and collectors. For collectors care is very important at it helps to protect the integrity of their collection and keep the value of their investment. Enthusiasts will find that proper care is important if they want to enjoy their dinnerware for many years to come and maybe even hand them down to the next generation who may in turn do the same. Caring for your collection is not very difficult and will also not take up a lot of your time.

How to properly clean Fiesta Dinnerware

The most recommended way is not to drop the dinnerware into a dish washer, rather than that it's recommended that you carefully hand wash each piece of the set individually. You should use a regular yet mild dishwashing soap, however make sure that the soap does not contain any lemon additive. Wash your dinnerware in warm water. When not in use, you should keep your dinnerware stored away in a cabinet or a display shelf away from dust and dirt. However you will and should wash the pieces of the dinnerware every year.

How should you go about removing utensil marks

One issue Fiesta dinnerware sometimes has is utensil marks – this is especially a big issue for collectors. The good news is that the marks can be removed since these dinner sets were designed for everyday use and were made and crafted to be durable. However still marks on the yellow and ivory, along with the light green and red plates are a bit problematic. So what is the best way to clean these horrible marks without damaging the excellent glaze? Well, the best thing you can do is use Wenol.

What is Wenol you might ask? Well it's one of the most wonderful products you can use when it comes to removing marks on your pottery and china. It goes by the name of Wenol Metal Polish and can be used with a small soft dab, just moisten the cloth and rub the scratches vigorously. When you are done just rinse the crockery and dry it with a soft cloth. You are almost guaranteed a scratch free Fiesta almost every time. Wenol metal polish is not very easy to find, however if you do a Google search you should be able to locate a number of distributors from whom you can purchase your Wenol from.

How should you store your Fiesta collection?

If you frequently just display your vintage Fiesta collection then you must make an investment in proper equipment to store your set and protect it from both dirt as well as from chances of damage.

Buying one of those china storage sets is a great investment and is easily available from most good department stores that sell fine china. They are not very expensive so you should not have a problem purchasing them.

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