Honeymoon Registry! Or Why Not Just Ask for the Money?

Let's face it, your friends know that you and your partner are an established couple and you need another hot water jug ​​like you need a hole in the head. Why bother with a Bridgal Registry or, indeed with a Honeymoon Registry, when they are fully aware that what you really need at this time is hard, cold cash. And why not be up front with it and say so.

It's an undeniable fact that, apart from a few people who really hate shopping, guests like the idea of ​​giving a couple something concrete; and enjoy having their thoughtfulness and generosity acknowledged. And money, valuable as it is, simply does not cut it. It has taken decades to acclimatize guests to the idea of ​​a Bachelor Registry. It may take couple more decades to make plain dollars as romantic as a traditional gift which a guest can declare before handing it over to the couple concerned.

Honeymoon Registry is a sort of transitory step where a guest parts with money, but is encouraged to feel that he or she is providing the bride and groom with a gift. The gift being the Honeymoon itself.

How does it work? The Honeymoon Registry is made into a concrete gift list by making the Honeymoon a categorized entity. Instead of the Honeymoon, a holiday for the bride and groom, it's an airplane ticket, it's two nights at the hotel, it's a massage, it's a candle lit supper, it's a night out at the opera. In short, the Honeymoon becomes an event that has been cut up into small segments and guests who decide for which segment they are prepared to pay.

As in the case of a Bridged Registry, all courtes are observed. Each guest receives an acknowledgment and thanks for the gift they've given. This might be automatically generated by the provider concerned. Other providers may choose to inform the couple as the gifts are purchased and it is the couple who send the thank you note.

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