Home Decor – Choices, Choices, Choices

Choosing home decor can be very difficult to do with so many different styles available. Deciding what type you want to use depends on several factors. You should choose according to your lifestyle, your preferences, whether you have children, pets etc.

The easiest way to choose your decor is simply to decorate with the style you like the most and feel comfortable and relaxed in. Do you like formal or informal? This is an extremely important decision. You will never feel comfortable in a formal atmosphere if informal is what you really love.

Imagine a big country kitchen that brings to mind days long ago, filled with rooster decor, flour sacks, ceramic rooster teapots and a bakers rack – you get the idea. It was a wonderful time, was not it? Country home decor can still bring back those wonderful memories! Add a wooden country apple wall clock, some old-fashioned canvas rooster wall pictures, throw in a few gingham lined baskets and you have a country kitchen to rival grandma's.

Or maybe your dreaming of a french cafe type kitchen – a wrought iron wine rack holding your favorite wines, a few candles and some delicate greenery. Beautiful, vintage wine decor is hanging on your walls, the rich, deep hues glowing inside the rustic frames, while overhead hangs a gorgeous wrought iron pot rack. Relaxing and cozy, perfect for a wonderful dinner after a hard days work.

So YOU'RE the one who wants to be home on the range! Western home decor is what you desire – a cowboy relaxing around the campfire is a figurine that sparks your decorative tastes. A covered wagon sitting on the mantle, glowing horseshoe mirror hanging above the sofa while everyone visits, drinking their coffee and telling stories. The good old days of Bonanza! It's Western home decor for you, ma'am.

Charming and romantic, anyone? Shabby Chic home decor, with it's antique, worn distracted look is YOU honey. Your carefree spirit and romantic nature lead you to the simple pleasures of a room filled with comfortable, welcoming accents. A shabby chic chandelier, romantic plant stand brimming with ivy, delicate floral patterned curtains blown by the breeze. Carefree and wonderful, you love life and living it! Shabby chic decor – elegance and easiness is the perfect combination.

I conjured up a few images above to help you decide which type suits your personality and style. Of course there are many other categories to choose from, these are just a few to give you a glimpse of what is possible when picking your decor. Dream a few dreams of your own, use your imagination and you will come up with a winning solution for decorating your home!

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