Hair Salon & Day Spa Gift Certificates – How to Sell More

Gift certificates are an easy source of income for hair salon and day spa, but also produce incredible results by encouraging new customers to come through the door. A day at a salon or spa is a thoughtful gift anyone can appreciate.

It's extremely easy to start a gift certificate program at your hair salon or day spa. First, choose one or two timeless designs template that match your brand, and print them in large quantity so you have plenty on hand for holidays and special occasions. Second, you do not need to invest in plastic cards or a bar coding system. Simply start keeping track of your gift certificates with a numbering system in a book.

The key to the success of your program is promotion. If you let your existing customers know that the option exists, you're bound to get some eager takers especially around the holiday season. Here are some ideas for promoting your gift certificates:

  • Keep blank certificates at each station and at the front desk so your customers notice them and ask about them.
  • Hang signs in the front of your business and in your out-facing windows to let everyone know that the perfect gift is just a few steps away.
  • Require that your employees tell each of their clients about the program. This is especially important during holidays.
  • Speaking of holidays, focus more energy and time to promoting the program during Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, prom and homecoming time, and graduation time. Savvy business owners knows there's money to be made during these times.
  • Thank your best customers with gift certificates around their birthdays, before the holidays or on the anniversary of their first visit. This not only promotes your salon, but it will encourage them to keep buying from you.

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