Gucci Spring and Summer 2008 Sunglasses Collection – Elegant Style

Gucci has always stood for quality

Beginning in the early 1920's Guccio Gucci began infusing Italian style into his products (at that time primarily leather handbags and luggage). Over the years the company expanded their product line to include many accessories, including sunglasses, but they managed to keep the same sense of refined European style and commitment to quality in everything they made. The Gucci family retained primary control of the company until the 1980's when it became publicly traded. The Gucci descendents remained involved with the company until the early part of this century, but even today the company's commitment to quality and style is unwavering.

Gucci sunglasses bring elegance and style to Spring and Summer 2008

The look that Gucci sunglasses bring to the fashion arena for the Spring and Summer 2008 season is elegant and sophisticated. The lenses and arms are oversized and dramatic. The frames are mainly neutral colors, black, brown, taupe and gold with plenty of gold accents including faux buckles and the classic double G insignia that has been associated with the Gucci name since the 1960's. One unique twist in the Gucci sunglasses designs this year, is the oversized lenses and large arms with a wire rim around the lenses. It is a surprising blend of several classic looks combined to make a unique fashion statement. Any look or style is quickly updated with the addition of a pair of Gucci sunglasses.

Gucci sunglasses make style easy

Weaving a pair of Gucci sunglasses can take you from drab housewife to glamor girl in just a few minutes. Putting the hair up in a quick French twist, dabbing on a little lip gloss and putting on your exquisite Gucci sunglasses can get you from vacuuming the floor to out the door in no time flat. Wearing a pair of Gucci sunglasses is the easiest way to an instant sophisticated make – over.

Gucci sunglasses are not just for making you look good

While style is certainly forefront in most people's minds when they choose Gucci sunglasses, it is important to note that they serve some important purposes in addition to being an important fashion accessory. First, they provide important UV protection which helps protect your vision against the harmful and damaging rays of the sun. Next, they allow you to see better when driving in the bright sunlight which keeps everyone on the road safer. Finally, with the larger sizes available today you are also getting added UV protection for the delicate skin around the eyes which is much more prone to premature aging from sun damage.


The Spring and Summer Gucci sunglasses collection brings the same quality and style that has been associated with the Gucci name since 1921 to customers everywhere. The collection has several unique styles this year including wire rimmed oversized lenses along with oversized arms that are embellished with gold accents such as the Gucci double G or faux buckles. The Spring and Summer Gucci sunglasses collection is sure to be a big success.

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