Gucci on 5th Avenue – The Biggest Gucci Store Worldwide

Right in the heart of Manhattan the new Gucci Store, a high and prominent glass building and a very impressive architectural masterpiece, has become one of the major shopping events of the world. The Store is on 725 5th Avenue, three stories high and covering about 4300 square meters. This makes this new flagship store the largest Gucci Store worldwide, offering a very unique variety and quantity of Gucci articles and items. Designed by Creative Art Director Frida Giannini a new age of the Italian fashion label has begun.

Gianninis concept uses light and transparency with spectacular effects, totally neglecting former views of shopping centers and their way of presenting the goods. Giannini is preparing us for the modern look of Gucci's 21st century. The shiny glass front, a very impressive sight from the street, gives credit to the work of the legendary architect James Carpenter.

The facade, transparent glass, covers three stories, catches the daylight sun and provides a beautiful view from both inside and out.

Traditional Gucci materials, like dark rosewood and marble remain standard components of the stores aesthetic. But they do change with the sunrays, which gain a elementary meaning through Giannini. A variety of new materials, such as grooved glass, warm and polished gold, smoked glass and smoked mirrors remind of the elegance and lushness of the Art Deco. Above that they add a special warmth to the interior and to the graphic elements, which reflect Gianninis idea of ​​fashion.

Geometric lines, some of them abstracts of the well known Gucci block stripes, define the interior decoration.
But there are more symbolic details; the facing smoked glass mirrors and additional bronze smoked glass seem to stretch the perspective into infinity. The door handles are made out of interchanging vertical stripes of gold and glass, the floor is made of white marble, being cut through by a broad black line of marble. The line runs on the floor, on the wall and across the ceiling.

Liquid bronze glass with a touch of Craquelè finish is used for shelves and showcases and the square banisters on the stairs are made of warm polished gold. The walls are covered in bronzed glass and mirrors and add to the warm atmosphere. The ever-present and well known Gucci Symbol has been revived as a shield.

A remarkable piece of work is the free standing staircase with a facade made of rosewood, running diagonally across all three stories. The stairs are being accentuated by gold colored and clear Plexiglas, which allow the light to shine into the space.

"I wanted to enhance the luxurious atmosphere in the Gucci Stores and create an aesthetic, which adds to the vision of our brand today" Giannini explains. "This design is a modern architectural statement related to iconic materials and elements of Gucci, which have already been used in former stores. Everything has been chosen very carefully to lay further emphasis on the design and at the same time be an ideal background for the display of our collection. "

You couldn't put it more elaborate. It's a sight to see and a place to go if you love Gucci. Even if you don't, you might start to after visiting the store!

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