Gucci on 5th Avenue – A Quick Look Inside

The luxurious loft-like oasis represents the perfect equivalent to the noble products of Gucci. On the first floor you find a large collection of accessories and small leather items. You'll also find a separate heritage room and a video display, a homage to Gucci's long history in regard of leather goods. Unique and new at the same time, this room will show the new Heritage Collection for the first time and, just like an exhibition, will present limited accessories and special editions, which will also document Gucci's legendary experience in regard to the leather craftsmanship. There will also be pieces from the archives, to show tradition and history through Gucci masterpieces. Beside the Heritage Collection Gucci also offers a number of articles which are being sold exclusively on Gucci 5th Avenue. These things were designed specifically for the New York customers and will change according to season.

The Menswear and Womenswear Department On the second and third floor, both with a spectacular view to 56th Street and 5th Avenue, you'll find menswear and womenswear. Each floor has a salon-like atmosphere. The whole collection will be available, so the customer will have a very special and convenient shopping experience. The menswear department is laid out on a graphite and brown colored carpet in the well known diamond pattern. You'll find suits, Ready-to-Wear, shoes, luggage, ties, belts and a Made to Order section. The womenswear department welcomes you in softer, light-gray colors to discern them as a separate environment. You'll find Ready-To-Wear and evening gowns right next to shoes, jewelery and handbags. The walls are covered in plush fabrics and golden ribbons. The third floor holds a VIP Lounge, which can be accessed through a lift right from 5th Street, exclusively for VIP Customers. Here you have your private dressing rooms and displays for all products, videos of the latest fashion shows, an exclusive bar service and wireless technology.

The Jewelery Boutique Gucci features a separate Jewelery store right next to its flagship store, right in line with a lot of famous jewelleries of 5th Avenue. The elegant and free standing boutique with its own entrance offers a veritable platform for Guccis growing jewelery branch. On three floors there are rather private and almost intimate sections to look at and test-wear finest jewelery, watches and fashion jewelery. You can enter the boutique from either 5th Avenue direct or through Guccis flagship store, since the stores feature a direct connecting "bridge" on the third floor level.

The Shopping Experience Customers will enjoy a unforgivable and luxurious combination of personal service and attention to details which make shopping at Gucci's to a real shopping ceremony. The store presents very unique and clever details such as the change-counters made of Guccissima Leather, credit card folios and shoe spoons and the bars to fetch the bags from the shelves, a trademark of former and today's Gucci Stores. As a new trademark of Gucci the handbags are being displayed on special rolling leather trays, inspired by those which were originally used in Guccis first store in Florence. Gucci robes with the embroidered signature of Guccio Gucci are both elegant and very comfortable and are available for customers in the change rooms. "Gucci has a long standing retail tradition in New York. The first store was opened in 1953. The new and unique Gucci 5th Avenue experience perfectly catches our modern vision and will become an important place to go shopping for fashion in New York and through the whole world "says Gucci President and CEO Marc Lee. Again, a visit is sure worth you time. If you are out shopping for fashion in New York, Gucci on 5th Avenue is a "must see" for sure.

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