Gucci – Black, Red and White Hobo Bag

The Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo handbag is one of the most colorful products in the family of Gucci bags known as ‘canvas’ bags. Other notable bags in this family include the likes of the Cruise Collection Gucci ‘Scarf’ Bag, the Large Boston Bronze Gucci ‘Joy’ handbag, the Large Singoria Gucci Tote handbag and the Gucci Bag, among others. Many of these are bags that I have gotten to use (for I am a huge fan of Gucci). But of them all, I get a feeling that it is the Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo handbag that I have gotten most enchanted with.

The first thing you notice about the Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo Bag is that it is one truly unapologetically colorful bag. True, only three colors are to be found on it, but it the choice of those colors (being the rather ‘loud’ black, white and red), and the way they are employed on the handbag which makes it conspicuously colorful. Each of these colors is given equal room for manifestation; so that none can be termed as being dominant over the others.

The main material used in making Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo handbag seems to be canvas – the strong variety of canvas that has proved to be ideal for making handbags. Leather does, however, also make a showing on a number of parts on this bag, including the handle; which happens to be supplemented with a detachable strap; so that you can carry the bag either by hand, or by hanging on the shoulders.

Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo Bag is quite a small bag; making it a darling to those of us who love small ‘cute’ bags. Just look at the dimensions, and you see some 14.6 inches by 9.8 inches by 0.4 inches – quite a small bag by any standards; only for carrying the absolute essentials. The message you send through a bag this bag is simple: that you have no room for ‘clutter’ in your bag – and hopefully, in your life.

Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo Bag comes with a number of accessories inbuilt into it. One of these is the cell-phone holder; so that the user doesn’t have to go about rummaging trying to locate her cell phone in the bag. There is also a side pocket inside the bag, for the storage of stuff that the user doesn’t want to get mixed up with the rest inside the bag. As with most authentic Gucci products, each Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo handbag comes with a serial number and an ‘authenticity card.’ The Gucci label is emblazoned on the front of the bag (in the black section), so that it is clear to all and sundry that it is a Gucci you have; Gucci being a very highly regarded brand.

For a way of securing the bag, Gucci provides the users of Gucci -Black, Red and White Hobo Bag with a zipper.

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