Gucci Bags – What’s So Great About Them?

Have you ever walked past a designer shop, looked in the window display and felt as though a bag was calling you by name? Or maybe you happen to see it in a catalogue? That’s a Gucci bag for you! So beautiful, you feel like its calling you to own it! It knows just how much you love to own beautiful things and tell yourself apart. Ok, so now to make the tough decision on why you should spend $1000 or more (can be several hundred thousands) on a bag? Well, firstly, it knows your name! Just kidding. Anyway, really, why a Gucci handbag?

Let’s count the reasons, and these are just some of them. There are many more you’ll find out once you own the bag.

1. They are they height of style and sophistication. If you are a woman who knows her God given right to look good and feel good, with a Gucci bag, you are more than halfway there. You will cause heads to turn for sure, and for all the right reasons.

2. How about that you’ll have it with you for the next 10 years and more? A Gucci bag is a life partner. It doesn’t give up on you until you give up on it, and hopefully for another Gucci bag. And even when you do give it up, the next woman along the line to receive it will be using it for quite a long time.

3. The workmanship is superb. Made of high quality luxury materials, each original Gucci bag is made with so much attention to detail that it leaves nothing out. Buckles will fasten as they are supposed to, seams will sit straight and zippers won’t let you down. And of course neither will the lining.

4. They come in an incredible range of designs and colors. You will get a Gucci bag for almost every occasion – whether you are a guest of the Queen (pull out your Gucci Clutch!) or out having a quiet picnic (grab your Gucci Tote!).

5. There is a Gucci bag designed for every kind of woman – tall, short, skinny, tall, full figured, you name it. Define yourself and there’s a Gucci bag designed just for you to bring out the best in you.

6. They are subtle. A lot of bags “shout”. Not a Gucci. They have great chic, but are designed to have a subtlety that’s noticeable but won’t make you look garish.

7. This is strictly for those who love to keep up with celebrities – any celebrity woman who’s worth her salt owns a Gucci bag if not a collection of them. In fact, they make them to order and wait for months to receive them as they are custom made. And not just the “today’s” ladies. Did you know that Jackie Onassis owned a collection and wore a Gucci bag regularly as part of her accessories?

8. Gucci bags are made of materials that are tough and can last but are designed to look great. All the way from nickel to bamboo to all kinds of leather, you can get any kind of material you want in a Gucci and be sure that it will keep its promise.

There – already 8 reasons why Gucci is Simply Great! It may be hard to make the decision to spend all that money on a bag, but remember its got great qualities and also that you deserve to give yourself a treat that’s worthy of you every so often. Go get yourself a Gucci. Go visit our site if you want to know how.

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