Gout Home Treatment – How To Treat Gout At Home

In the human body, uric acid is produced from t he metabolic breakdown of purines found in many food items. In normal conditions, the uric acid gets dissolved in the body fluid and is eliminated from the body through the urine. However, when this uric acid level builds up in the body and crystals get deposited on the joints, gout results. Gout is mostly idiopathic; the reason for the hyperuricemia is indeterminate. More often than not, this results from interplay of hormonal and genetic factors which lead to metabolic imbalance. In the aged, renal insufficiency is a major gout trigger.

Gout attacks can be allayed via a number of home remedies.

Put a few ice cubes or frozen vegetables inside a plastic bag and apply it to the affected joint. The painful swelling will be reduced. Do not hold it on the afflicted area for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Quick relief can be obtained by holding the painful joint under cold running water for two minutes.

Heat clay and make a pack of it to apply on the affected area.

Steam baths or foot-baths in warm water are also very helpful.

Temporary relief can be acquired by eating raw vegetables and fruits. Especially helpful are carrot, celery, spinach and parsley. Cherries, especially the black ones, are particularly recommended. Eat anywhere between half-a-cup to a pound of these fruits daily. These can be made into fruit juices using a blender, but only the natural juice should be consumed. Juices bought from the market should not be taken.

Keep the urine diluted by drinking about 128 ounces of distilled water every day. This is double the amount that is normally needed on a daily basis. Urination will be more frequent but the deposited crystals will gradually be washed out of the system.

Use cayenne pepper as a liniment by mixing a tablespoon of it with a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar. Mix well with a cup of water and boil. Do not use an aluminum pot for boiling this liquid. After it is cooled, apply it thrice or four times a day to soothe the painful area.

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