Gorham Silverware – Knowing Genuine Silver

Gorham silverware is one of the most popular names when it comes to manufacturing silver plates, flatware and the likes. Often times it is the brand that most collectors seek especially when talking about quality, Gorham silver indeed is worth every penny. Why? Because you can be assured that it is made of the best quality.

Nonetheless, a lot of imitation is dominating the market, imitation of practically about everything. Hence, one should not make the mistake in choosing an imitation over the original Gorham silverware. Though both may look exactly the same, do not be fooled. The original Gorham silverware is of course made of explicitly fine materials. Also, original Gorham silver could never be sold in cheap market places. So beware.

Also, Gorham silverware has a trademark. Though imitations may also have one, but is could easily be distinguished. A good tip is that most imitations have their trademarks upside-down or embedded on the wrong side. So if in doubt, look for the trademark and see if it is the real one.

Gorham’s trademark has evolved through the years (or should I say decades). It used to have a trademark wherein the lion is facing left, and then it was changed to lion facing the anchor. However, there is another trademark for the Gorham Martele products being utilized. So do not be confused.

However, to be extra safe, you need to be familiar with the Gorham silver products so that you would not be fooled by the imitations. So what are the silver products of Gorham? The most popular of all is the flatware. These are spoons, forks, knives and other tableware that are generally flat. It is the most popular mainly because of its class and elegance. This is the type of utensils that you would want to showcase to your guests because of its finest.

With this reason alone, one could not help but to continue admiring Gorham silverware. Not only for showcasing purposes but also for collection purposes. Who knows you might need it for a very important event in the future. So to avoid being frustrated because of imitations, always be meticulous when buying Gorham silverware.

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