Gorham Silver Flatware

Gorham silver flatware have been adored and appreciated for generations, and not just because of their functionality and design, but also for the value that they literally bring about to the table or even your display racks. When it comes to quality, companies have been trying to best each other by putting out high quality products on the market, a goal which only a few have been able to attain, and one of the most trusted and loved out there today is Gorham silverware .

With more than a century of experience in silver item making at their belt, Gorham silver flatware has intricate designs and dedication to quality is just a few of the reasons of why they share a larger part of the market. These patterns range from simple to intricate and can add that unique class and sense of style to the items whether for display or for use on special occasions.

But aside from giving you that unique sense of pride in your Gorham silver collection, did you know that Gorham collection of silver patterns can also tell how old or rare your items are? Each pattern embellished in your collection will be unique depending on the year it was made. The stag pattern found on the spoons and fork sets of the Gorham collection is one of the oldest, dating back to 1855.

Other older Gorham silver flatware patterns include: Threaded antique pattern, Josephine, Medallion, Grecian, Ionic, Ivy, Chantilly, etc. Each unique signature in the pattern will tell you the year by which your silverware was made, and absolutely their value. So whether you are an antique collector or would just like to accurately know the monetary value of your Gorham silverware, you can start by checking the patterns present.

The Gorham silver patterns found on your collection may not be as vivid or visible as others, but it does not mean that it's ordinary. On the contrary, some of the oldest patterns found in the Gorham collection are only embedded with fine lines and flowing curvatures. The Cottage pattern for example which was created in 1861 is quite simple in design. Flowing lines run through the base of the silverware, closing with an engraved club shaped pattern.

If you would like to accurately know the year of your Gorham silver flatware, its best that you check your patterns against some of the more in-depth collector sites on the internet. They will be able to provide you with pictures that can help you visually match patterns. If your collection contains simpler patterns, it would be advisable that you get it thoroughly cleaned first in order to help you clearly make the connection when comparing.

Regardless of the pattern or date that your Gorham silver flatware has, the fact still remains that purely owning a set will be rewarding enough. It's both a luxury and a practical choice in itself, what other items will be able to offer you those two things under one line? But if you really need to know the value of your silver item, then just go ahead and check the Gorham silver patterns found on them.

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