Gorham Silver – Age Old Elegance

Gorham Silver has come a long way since its inception in 1831 at Rhode Island. Known for their sterling and silver plate products, Gorham is one of the leading manufacturer of silver tea sets, silver and stainless flatware and even silver bowls. The workmanship of this thriving sterling silver business has graced many well-known halls and galleries.

In 1859, first lady Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of President “Abe” Lincoln purchased an impressive tea set and flatware for use at the White House. This tea service was later on presented in the National Museum of American History in 1957. The famed designer, William C. Codman, designed Chantilly in 1895, which has become the most famous of Gorham’s flatware. Apparently, the company’s silver trademarks are a common staple for the American presidents. George W. Bush’s family chose this Chantilly as flatware for the Air Force One.

Internationally, this sterling silver manufacturer is known for their one-of-a-kind pieces commissioned by major world figures.

In 1868, they began a system of year-marks which were stamped into their products that denotes the year in which that silver masterpiece was made. The company started producing their Martele collection in the beginning of the 20th century. This carriedthe distinctive hand-hammered surface of silverware. These included bowls, tankards, mugs, candlesticks, vases and centrepieces.

Other designs apart from the Chantilly are the Strasbourg, Melrose, Fairfax, and Buttercup flatware continue to reflect the principles of its founders and signify the best in American silver work. Each of their flatware patterns has been developed slowly in different stages to create the timeless sterling silver quality that Gorham has.

The Gorham Silver Company also creates silver demitasse spoons that are largely used in weddings, anniversaries and other special big events. If however one aspires to use the same quality silver utensils, Gorham also created its Studio Stainless collection. This collection is very good for daily use for informal entertaining.

There are many different quality sterling silver products found all over the world. The Gorham Silver Company is one of those who have surpassed time boundaries, bringing forth into the new century their eclectic pieces, incorporating age-old elegance into the future.

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