Glassware Trends

Glassware is basically tableware made from clear or colored glass and used for drinking and serving drinks with a meal or for milk, smoothies and other cold / hot drinks. It is also used for most items that look like glass in the catering industry but are actually made from plastics. With a change in the style and decor, most people go in for different themed glassware that ranges from tumblers, goblet shaped glasses and even wine glasses but the major classifications are mugs, pitchers, crystal glass, carafes, daily use glasses used for beer, iced tea, juice, or water and last but not the least wine glasses.

You can mix different types of glassware or purchase matching sets. That is purely a matter of individual taste. Either way, there is no rule about mixing or not mixing glassware. Depending on the types of drinks and foods you are planning to serve, there is some type of glassware manufactured for every occasion. Being knowledgeable of each type of glassware is paramount when it comes to selecting the specific type of glassware you desire.

Trends in the Glassware Market

Whether you are purchasing glassware for home or commercial use, or if you are avid collector of classic glassware, the following 4 trends are evident in the glassware market:

– Cocktail glasses, whether the classic version or vintage cocktail shakers, are gaining in popularity again at the dinner table and with collectors alike
– Cut crystal manufactured in the 1920's and 1930's continues to be a targeted selection for collectors today
– Huge red wine glasses that were prevalent everywhere several years back are no longer as popular as they once were
– Mixing more modern styles the older types is an increasingly popular trend

Advantages of Glassware Today

For the most part, glassware is extremely versatile when you consider its many uses. Today's glassware is manufactured to be durable and not dangerous to one's health. It is manufactured in such fashion as to be chemically resistant to the following:

– Acids
– Alkalis
– Organic solvents
– Salted solutions
– Tap water

Also, today's glassware is constructed to resist extremely high temperatures so it is dishwasher safe, unlike most plastic tumblers. It is also safe to use because there are never any acidic emissions, unlike what is evident with some utensils.


Naturally, being manufactured out of glass materials, glassware is fragile so some precautions with handling should always be taken into consideration. Some glassware shatters into very small and dangerous shards while other will not. The following are 3 key precautions to take with glassware:

– Never pour scaling fluids into glassware without the packaging states that you can do so
– Never support heavy objects with your glassware
– Never wash crystal and extremely delicate glassware in the dishwasher as it has the tendency to break or result in damage to the glass

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