Gift Ideas for Picky Moms

If you are buying for a picky mom, you might find yourself in a pickle. You can’t go wrong when you shop at stores like J. Jill and Vera Bradley for your gift when shopping for this type of woman. To ensure you get the perfect gift for a picky mom, consider the following choices:

Velvet Dress

Yes, this is an unique gift, but for the picky mom it will go a long way. A velvet dress is soft to the touch and will feel great to young ones the mom may have to hold, while making her feel luxurious and not just like a mom. The velvet dress can be paired with leggings and worn out for running around, to dress up a casual day out with the kids or family. Your picky recipient will also love the fact that she can wear this dress out on the town as well. Find a color that complements her and you will have a sure fire gift.

Villager Tote

This great carry-all tote is is very soft to the touch. However, in addition to being super soft, it’s ultra chic and practical. It’s chic because it comes in several styles and colors and can be worn with multi-colored or mono tone outfits. There are many compartments, pockets and zippers to this tote as well and that make it extremely practical. If you’re buying for a picky mom, you can’t go wrong with this all around tote. Most mothers are always carrying tons of items, and a tote is a fashion forward and safe way for a classy mom to do so.

Curling Iron Cover

A picky mom may not want her curling iron out or in plain view once she’s done with her hair. Buying her a curling iron cover is a great gift idea. This item not only shields the curling iron’s heat and keeps it from burning children, but if it should fall on a young one, it will be wrapped in a cushion that should help to prevent injury. There are many styles and colors for these curling iron covers and a picky mom will truly be satisfied with the gift.

Picky moms are a bit tough to buy for, but simply putting yourself in their shoes will net great results when it comes to gift giving. You’ll want to make sure that the gift you give a picky mom is child proof but fashionable at the same time. That way you can help a new mom feel like a woman too with your kind and thoughtful gift.

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