Gift Giving in the Office

If your office practices giving gifts to co-workers during the holiday season, there are several things to consider. While shopping for relatives is difficult enough, shopping for co-workers you may not know very well can be quite the challenge. Here are a few ideas:

Gift Certificates:

Gift certificates may very well be the never-fail gift idea. Choose general stores, like grocery stores or department stores, or a specialty store if you know the person’s preference, hobbies or interests. Try local restaurants, butcher shops, music stores, photography studios for gift certificate ideas, or even services such as landscaping, decorating or home improvement services.

Another great choice would be a mall gift certificate. Many malls offer gift certificates that most stores inside the complex will honor. That way the recipient can choose which store they’d like and choose their own perfect gift.

A gift certificate is a great idea for a coworker that you know little about. Some inquiring may be needed if you want to go the specialty store route, but general stores and local businesses are typically a good idea for gift certificates.

Office-friendly gifts:

If you’re really stuck on an idea, try something for the person’s office, cubicle or work area. Try finding a nice plant, an inspirational items like plaques and posters, a radio, calendars or perhaps even some kind of office equipment the person might enjoy. A seat cushion or padded mouse pad could be a great idea.

Gift baskets:

Try a themed gift basket with the coworker’s interests in mind. For the coffee-drinker, there are a variety of pre-made coffee themed gift baskets, or you could make your own for a personalized touch. There are many choices for food-themed gift baskets, such as teas, crackers, cheeses, etc.

There are a few things you may want to consider before purchasing a gift. Religion is one of those.

In most cases, the employees in an office come from a variety of backgrounds and prescribe to a variety of beliefs. What may be a great gift to one person, can often be a bad idea for another, and religion is one of the things that should be considered. If you’re not sure of a person’s religion, steer clear of religious items altogether.

Along the same lines of thought, avoid alcoholic gifts such as wine if you are uncertain to whether a coworker drinks alcohol or not. Also, food allergies should be taken into consideration, as well as foods that could be taboo in another person’s culture. Again, certain types of items are best given when you know the person’s background and religious beliefs first.

Gifts given to coworkers can be a great way to maintain a friendly office environment, as well as promoting friendship among employees. There are a few considerations that should be taken when choosing a gift, but there are also some great general ideas that can be personalized and appreciated by the recipient.

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