Gift Card Or Gift Certificate?

While many business owners see the opportunities and the increased profits that gift certificates provide, their close cousin the plastic remains a novel among small and medium enterprises. Plastic gift cards are found at most major supermarkets, national chains and department stores, however they offer a host of benefits in addition to simply looking nicer! We go through a few of them and examine how the cost-benefit ratio pans out with plastic gift card manufacturing versus gift certificates.

Value representation

You can interpret this as a fancy way of saying 'they look nicer' … but in terms of real profit potential, something that represents a higher value to consumers is much more likely to be bought. Customers have a gift which is more presentable, easier for their recipient to carry and can create its own atmosphere, depending on what artwork you choose for your printing. That means you'll sell more.

Theft is not an issue

Gift cards have no value until they are activated at the register. Your plastic card manufacturer can add a barcode or magnetic stripe to your product, which is scanned at the register and matches up with the corresponding entry in the store inventory. That particular gift card's electronic imprint can be 'activated' in the central database, giving the card its value. A stolen gift card can not be used – a stolen gift certificate could cost your company quite a lot of money.

POS systems are not required for gift card security

Your plastic manufacturing company can quite easily number your gift cards in series. Keep a record of each 'numbered' card which is sold, and you can refuse to redeem cards that are not on the register unless unaccompanied by a receipt. This makes plastic gift cards just as secure without a point of sale system and barcode scanner as with them. Gift card printing that does not need an magnetic stripe along the top is cheaper, too.

Added security makes in-store and POS display possible

Stores utilizing traditional paper gift certificates can not display these at the point of sale, no matter how nice they look! Theft and forgery would always be an issue for paper gift certificates. Displaying those gift cards at the point of sale has been shown to increase impulses buys of the cards. printing services can create some very attractive special effects and designs for your cards that help target these impulse buys to a niche audience – flowers for women, cars for men, and dolls for little girls, for example.

Gaining money without sales

One interesting study showed that 15% of sold are never redeemed. This means that the only stock that has changed hands for a potential value of $ 20, $ 50 or $ 100 is a plastic gift cards worth a few cents.

Price difference is negligible

It is possible to self-print gift certificates, but as we stated earlier the perceived value is not there. To have the same perceived value with paper gift certificates, you need to get them professionally made anyway. The price difference between quality paper and plastic card printing is actually negligible, particularly if you use a specialist plastic manufacturer.

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