Free Gift Cards – 3 Ways to Get a Free Online Gift Card

Free Gift Cards are popular online, whenever you're surfing the net you always encounter an offer or two for "Get a Free Gift Card." You know you're tempted, after all it's a free $ 500 card to your favorite store.

You should consider whether it's worth the time you will spend and the small invasion of your privacy during the sign up and completion process. Although, it says "free" obviously, nothing is really free. The card is free to you in the sense that you will not need to pay anything to get the card, but to qualify to get the card you will need to "pay" in other ways. These may be (1) your time, (2) your contact information, or (3) $ cost of free trial offers you may sign up for to qualify for the free giftcard.

The three ways to get a free gift card online are:

Do it yourself
Hunker down at your computer, pick a free card offer and wade through their sign up process. Read and understand their FAQ (frequently asked questions) and Privacy Policy pages. Also, read their terms and conditions pages – you do not want to go through the whole process for a "free $ 1,000 card" and find out at the end that you did not qualify because you canceled a free trial offer before you were allowed by the program terms.

Hire someone
Another option is to hire someone to complete all or a portion of the sign up process for you. Ideally, if you choose this option you should already be familiar with and have completed a couple offers yourself. You do not want to have to pay someone for what you think is a completed process, with which you are unfamiliar, trusting that that person did an honest job. If you do not understand how the process works you're inviting abuse of your wallet. The old saying says "you get what you pay for," here you also get what you are knowledgeable about. College students are usually good for this kind of thing. They need the money and are willing to wade through forms and learn new things.

Tell a friend
Tell a friend is basically a combination of the two systems illustrated above. Here you do the actual sign up but bring in your friends to help you qualify for the card. Your friends will complete some portions of the offer which you do not want to do and by doing this you will be credited with completion of a requirement. It is important that your friends understand that they must complete their portions in a timely manner a complete manner.

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