Four Types of Ceramic Mugs

There is a wide variety of drinkware that is offered to consumers. That is why leading suppliers of drinkware products cater to all their customers' needs providing personalized and environmentally safe products. One of the most popular products is the ceramic mugs. Ceramic mugs are lead-free offering a safer alternative for the environment and for consumers. Ceramic vessels come in any color, shape, and size that the consumer requires. There are four types of ceramic mugs offered to fit any unique occasion. They include:

Coffee Mugs – For that special brew or just to sip on tea, ceramic coffee mugs offer a great alternative to regular Styrofoam or paper cups. With your company logo or a more personalize look with your name, coffee mugs are a must have staple for a stylish office environment.

Bistro Mugs – The Bistro Ceramic Mug will save you money. Studies show that repeated use of Bistro Mugs are far more sustainable and contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. It also saves those outlets billions of money in buying new paper cups. Get more bangs for your buck.

Espresso Mugs – Prefer a richer coffee taste than regular brewed coffee? Then try an espresso mug. When everyone around you has the same conventional mug and saucer stylishly and personalized Espresso mugs brings out the true coffee fanatic in you. Espresso mugs make great promotional products for any business or fund raiser.

Beer Steins Mugs – This is the perfect gift or promotional product for beer lovers. Ceramic beer stein mugs are dishwasher safe and can be used for both hot and cold beverages. Are you a sports fanatic? These lead free mugs can be personalized to cheer on your favorite theme.

Customized mugs are not only environmentally friendly but they add a trendy and stylish look to any occasion. Whether it's a sporting event or an elegant affair, mugs add that personal touch to impress consumers and friends alike.

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