Four Bridal Registry Rules You Must Know

Registering for wedding gifts is fun, but most brides have questions once they actually start the process. When should you register? How do you choose where to register? What should you register for? And how and when do you let everyone know where you've registered? Here are the answers to your most pressing questions.

1. When Should You Register?
Your bridal registry should be one of your first tasks after your engagement. You want close family and friends to have plenty of time to "get the word out" about your registry. Also, guests will need gift options for both your bridal shower and your wedding. Complete your registry at least four months before your wedding date. That means that your registry can be a work in progress – start it right away and finish it later.

2. Where Should You Register?
Beware! Not all registries are the same. First, pick a company with products you love. (And yes, you CAN register with more than one company, but it's best to limit your registries to two.)

Second, look at the registry benefits. The best companies will offer you:
– Personal service through the registry process. Usually direct sales companies (the ones with sales consultants, like Princess House or Tupperware) will give you better service than retail. That's simply because having a consultant is similar to having a personal shopper.
– Online purchasing capabilities (a "must" that makes your registry more convenient for guests).
– A completion discount. This allows you to buy remaining items on your registry (after your wedding) at discounts of up to 20%.
– Free products. Some companies offer you free buying credits based on the purchases made from your registry. This is even more convenient than you think, because there will almost certainly be "must have" items left on your registry that you'll want.

3. What Should You Register For?
This is pretty simple – register for what you need! No two couples will need exactly the same thing. But there are some general rules to follow:
– Go from room to room in your house, creating a list as you go so you're less likely to forget something.
– Do not hesitate to register for multiples of items like casserole dishes, sheets, etc.
– Most guests will spend around $ 50- $ 100, so make sure there are lots of items in that price range.
– Bridal couples traditionally register for 12 settings of formal china, but registering for 16 is becoming more popular. And yes, you SHOULD register for formal china. If you do not, you'll be sorry when your first dinner party or holiday get-together rolls around.
– Register for everyday dinnerware, too. Stoneware is a popular and durable material to choose for your day-to-day dishes.
– Everything else is up to you. Register for what you need, and do not hesitate to "over register" so guests will have plenty to choose from.

4. How And When Do You Let People Know Where You're Registered?
There are several notification methods you can use:
– The most formal method is word of mouth. Make sure close friends and family have your registry information, because they will almost certainly get calls about it.
– Put the information on or with your save the date cards. Most companies will provide pretty bridal registry inserts that you can include in save the date card mailings or with your shower invitations.
– Finally, you can set up your own personal wedding page at a site like and include your bridal registry details. Then, simply add your wedding website address to save the date cards and / or shower invitation mailings.

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