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Fashion is one of the most practiced norms for the present generation. The Gen X is always looking for the best in fashion tips so that they can become the cynosures of attraction. Sashion and Style happens to be the most preferred codes for Gen X. They are just crazy about the various forms of it and try to attribute themselves with the latest fashion tips and become the style icon.

But there are very few people who actually understand what ‘fashion’ is actually. Flaunting the best brands is not about being fashionable and stylish. You have to know how to dress and team up clothes with the right kind of fashion accessories. You should be comfortable whatever you wear and that should be prominent from the way you carry off your attire. But even if you do not possess the perfect fashion sense you can always get some help from your friends and family. But when it comes to fashion it is best that if one trusts one’s own instincts.

Help is always welcome if you want to give a whole new look to your wardrobe and become all hip and chic. Here are some of the chosen tips for fashion which are very simple but are often forgotten. By incorporating these tips you can give a whole new look to yourself by turning into a new leaf with the help of the fashion tips. If you care to include these style tips in your itinerary then you can create your own style statement then it will really be worthwhile. Have a look at the tips and be an ideal individual belonging to the emerging era.

There are several tips for fashion but the basic ones only cover a great range altogether.

Right Set of Attire

* The first essential to be fashionable is to find out the right set of attire. If you are wearing something, make it sure that it should fit you well. An ill fitting cloth can make or mar your entire appearance and personality. Choose clothes which are comfortable and looks good on you. Do not wear anything just because it is doing the rounds in the fashion circuit.
* Try different kinds of apparels and then decide upon which trends and styles suit you the best. It often happens that you have to give up on a very favorite dress you like since it is not suiting you. At times like this you might get tempted to make an impulsive purchase but do not do so as you are so going to regret it later.


Choose the correct accessories to pair up with your clothes and apparels. Getting your accessories wrong can be a huge fashion faux-pas, so to avoid that seek some fashion tips on teaming up the best accessories with your clothes. The accessories you wear are going to accentuate your dress, and will help to complete the entire look of your attire. If you are wearing something very gorgeous then opt for minimal jewelry. But if your clothes are simple then you can highlight your look by pushing the focus on your accessories.


The pants can be both straight legged or boot cut and in case of boot cut the hem line should be long. If you are on the plump side opt for black or brown pants to get a slimmer look. The pants should not be worn loose; it should be well fitting but definitely not tight. This style tip should not be forgotten as this can create or ruin your look absolutely.

Body Proportion

Know your body proportion first and then choose the clothes. There are certain tactics in wearing the different selection of pants and tops. If one can really wear them effectively then they might cover up several flaws of your body. If the lower half of the body is thin then wear a full top on a skinny pant. A long top with short skirt gives a great look if your waist is short. If you are a possessor of a petit torso then wear full length pants with fitted tops. If the waist is long then the bottom wear should be long and the top should be short.

Style & Comfort

Wearing a color from head to toe without the line broken in between provides slim look. Tops of fine knitted and jersey variety and pants with pockets without flap and flat fronts offers both stylish look and comfort.

Taller Torso

A shirt with collar offers the torso a taller look and act as a nice frame to the face. Among all the fashion tips this can be the most significant for the people with tall torso.


Tops with V neck make the neck look longer. Boat necks add up a special charm to the attractive shoulders and enhance your beauty if you have nice beauty bones. You can also opt for square necks which looks good on everyone. If you have a short neckline it will be good if you do not wear round necks because that will make you look unappealing.


If your legs are fuller inside, try a side slit. If your legs are fuller outside, a mid-front or back slit is a better choice when you are opting for skirts. If you have full legs then try to avoid very short or long skirts. Being blessed with slim and shapely legs can be a big boon as you can go for any type of skirts. Women’s fashion can be tricky hence choose wisely when you go for your apparels.


Bags make a style statement of their own. When you are teaming up a bag with your outfit you have to keep in mind a lot of things. You need to think about the shape as well as the size of the bag. The bag should match with your outfit as well as your body structure. If you have a small frame and you are carrying a large bag then that might look awkward. But you can always stick to the conventional black bag which is not too big or small.


Stilettos though are not very preferable on the line of comfort but are very much in fashion as they make the leg look really special. Flats are very comfortable, but it should be avoided if you are attending any formal occasion. It should also be avoided if you are short.

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