Fashion Style

The most famous fashion shows are those done in the top fashion capitals by top fashion designers and labels. These shows are well attended by fashion patrons and fashion media alike. However, boutiques and clothing stores also produce small fashion shows that boast the latest in their offering. Unlike the more prestigious ones, this kind is mostly directed towards the general public or mainstream consumers.

Fashion Models

One of the important factors in a fashion show, aside from the designer and his creation, are the models of the runway. The models, or what used to be called professional mannequins, are those lucky ones that get to wear the clothes first and walk on a stage to show them off to the public. Fashion models play an important role in showing the public what the clothes, shoes and accessories will look like on a person. The models, both male and female have to project a certain look on stage depending on the line of clothing being promoted. They use their faces and bodies to project particular emotions that the style requires.

There are general requirements established by the Association of Model Agents (AMA) for a fashion show or catwalk model. Female model should be at least 510 and have a vital statistics of 34-24-34 inches. Male models, on the other hand, should be at least 6 in height, weigh between 140-165 lbs. and must be fit and toned instead of muscular. These requirements are based on the size of the prototype of the clothes being used in fashion shows.

Modeling is a prestigious job as it pays well for every event or photo shoot, and models are also treated as celebrities these days. Their faces can be seen in various fashion magazines, TV commercials and even movies. However, a lot of famous models started out as runway models for fashion shows.

Fashion Shows/Week

The fashion week is an event of the year in the fashion industry where top designers are able to reach international audience to showcase their wares. Usually held in fashion capitals, it invites foreign reporters, magazine writers and editors, television representatives, and buyers to have the first peek at the countrys best designs in one time and place.

There is a lot of work involved in this affair, from designing and organizing until the end of the show. Months before the occasion, the designs are already created and fitted, the stage and logistics are planned and executed, and the fashion media are already talking about it. It is well known that aside from the designers collection, good and professional models, a creative concept for the presentation and logistics and an excellent and effective publicity or promotion that will entice key celebrities to attend ensures half of the success of a show.

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