Fashion Discoveries Through The Years – 1900-1990

In the 20th century, the war and social revolutions brought definite changes to the fashion industry. The most important change might be the women’s fight against politic and social restrictions. On the first years, the corset disappeared and women’s natural silhouette was modeled in the streets along with their legs showing down their skirts.

On the 30’s, the French designer, Coco Chanel reinvented women’s fashion by adding an original piece to their wardrobe, one that was only used by men back in the day: pants.

Since that moment, every little detail added to a piece of clothing, every invention, every try, has been considered fashion. These last years, the relation between fashion and advertising has transformed the fashion and textile industry in one of the most financially important worldwide.

There have been key items discovered through the years, in 1914, the first bra ever invented was introduced, and by 1934 the first ever male brief was commercialized. Nylon was presented in 1939 and by 1940 women were already using pants, thanks to the revolution and Coco Chanel’s inspiration. After pants, by 1955 the popular jean was revolutionizing Europe, where 5 years later, the famous lycra was invented by Du Pont de Nemours.

The 60’s were a different era, the young generation positioned themselves in a place where everything was prohibited, the mini skirt now showed the knees and more, music played a huge part in fashion in the 60’s, retro fashion was born and The Beatles, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin and even Jim Morrison were the trendsetters for fashion. The hippie “Power Flower” fashion was more than a fashion trend; it was a social movement, introduced by the Hindu religion being praised in this decade, especially influenced by artists like George Harrison and Jane Fonda.

Entering the 70’s, women were forced to be skinny because of the fashion inspiration in mini dresses, and tight pants, especially influenced by Twiggy and “Saturday Night Fever”, transporting the lifestyle to nighttime and heavy partying. Punk fashion started appearing by 1975 and entering the 80’s, with a touch of femininity by using underwear inspired lace accessories with your clothing. Everything was bigger, makeup, hair styles, blouses, even bows used in the hair. Michael Jackson and Madonna were the biggest inspiration using leather, lace, gloves, and unusual accessories. On the elegant side, “Dynasty” and Lady Di created a romantic style movement involving hats, ruffles and shoulder pads.

Jeans were popularized in the 80’s with their acid pre washed colors and Billy Idol’s punk look was used by every guy that wished to be a rock star, while on the contrary, Miami Vice’s look was essential for every elegant man that wanted a unique style. The 80’s were some years where people searched for their own look, and everything was allowed. Bright colors and shoulder pads were highlighted in the 80’s and continued on to the early 90’s; this movement is still considered as the worst historic moment for fashion.

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Source by Priyanka Arora

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