Fashion Designs and Womens Styles

Fashion Designs and Women’s Styles

See through clothing, shorter hem lines and contrasting colours. It’s all about fashion when we head into the hot sizzling season of summer here in Australia. The latest fashion trends and women’s seasonal styles are often defined by celebrities. And the fact of the matter is, celebrities are often dressed by renowned fashion designers.

So for the aspiring fashionistas who want to dress like the Kate Moss and Paris Hilton, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and see the bigger picture – the bigger picture of the entire fashion world. It’s all about taking ideas from the fashion designers and being unique and comfortable in your personal fashion sense.

Chanel is one of the best known and renowned fashion brands in the fashion and haute couture world. The brand started off with a no-nonsense approach to fashion. The designs were produced for women to feel comfortable and look dignified. This has since been transformed into a classic, tailored style. The trademark can be seen in Chanel’s read-to-wear range, where the tailored-at-the-waist cardigan jacket is most popular and most copied. The evening wear and formal collection of Chanel tends to have an understated sex appeal, not blatantly revealing, yet exudes luxury, feminism and delicateness.

Escada is known for its clean, sleek and sophisticated look. The Escada fashion collection, spearheaded by Margarethe Ley, is known for innovative fabric and colour combinations. This appeals to the slightly more daring and makes for unique fashion statements that stand out. Escada is all about creativity in fashion, and their use of the most updated technology in creating fashion is testament to that fact.

Prada wraps old-world Italian luxury into a new world fashion design. It is innovative yet classic, understated yet unique. Its upside down triangle symbol is now famous in the fashion circles and fashionistas sporting Prada accessories are indeed in a league of their own. Their fashion line for women have been created from a careful eye to detail and a deliberate study of fashion trends and styles.

d’Italia is a designer fabric store in Melbourne, Australia. The store’s products are imported directly from Italy and its fabrics come from the same manufacturing houses that provide for designer labels like Prada, Gucci, Escada and Armani. d’Italia boasts a range of material and fabric that are often used for the creation of uniquely tailored evening wear, bridal wear and professional wear.

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