Experience Gifts – Ideas For Kids

Instead of giving a child in your life another useless piece of plastic or kit that will stay unopened, why not give them an experience that will really open their eyes and give them something to remember? An experience gift can do just that. Usually presented in the form of a gift certificate, an experience gift entitles the owner to a few hours or day of an experience.

These kinds of gifts come in a wide range of activities. No matter what the child or teen gift recipient is interested in, you can probably find an experience that relates to their interests.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about experience gifts for kids:

Craft classes.

Kids love to get messy and craft classes give them the opportunity to do just that. You can find craft classes at local art studios and children's centers. Art museums, art supply stores and community centers may also offer craft classes. You can purchase one-on-one lessons or enroll the child in a few months of classes, after speaking to his or her parents first, of course. The types of classes offered will depend on the studio or center. Younger children might enjoy painting while older children may find the challenge of pottery very exhilarating.

Behind-the-scenes tour.

A sneak peek at what goes on behind closed doors at the zoo or aquarium is a perfect experience gift. Call local attractions and see if they offer behind the scenes tours or other events that let children see their favorite attraction from a different perspective. For an add-along gift with the gift certificate, you could give the child a disposable camera.

Cooking classes.

You'd be surprised at how much children enjoy cooking, even at a young age. Local community centers, restaurants and children's centers may provide "Mom and Me" or "Young Chef" cooking classes that you could give as a gift. Make sure to ask about age restrictions and the equipment needed for the class. You could give an apron as an add-along gift to include with the gift certificate.

Horseback riding lessons.

Most children these days do not get the experience of being close to horses. You can make your gift recipient's day by signing him or her up for horseback riding lessons. Call around to horse farms in the area or search online for ranches that offer horseback riding lessons. Normally, unless the child is of a certain age, he or she has to be accompanied by an adult. You can find group lessons or private classes.

All of these ideas make wonderful gifts for kids who seem to have it all, or for children in your life who you want to honor with a special experience. Be sure to call around to find out what is available in your area.

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