Does Your Wedding Registry Fit Your Lifestyle? Tips to Create a Gift Registry That's Unequely You

Common wedding registry items such as toasters and linens can make great wedding gifts, but what do they really say about you as a couple? Think of all the moments and memories you've shared together. You probably have shared interests that led to you falling in love with each other. And as you embarked on your relationship journey, you exposed one another to new places, activities and interests that you've since come to treasure. When you think back on these experiences, does not it seem only natural that they should be reflected in your bridal gift registry or your personalized wedding cash registry?

A bridal registry is a wonderful opportunity to call on friends and family to help celebrate the life you've begun building together by giving you wedding registry gifts that compliment who you are and all the things you love. Traditional gift registries can be useful for helping couples embark on the new path of marriage, but a wedding gift registry that's truly suited to your lifestyle, and the life you dream of having together can really enhance your marriage and ensure that every day together is an adventure.

Shared Hobbies

When developing your online registry, write down all of your shared hobbies and interests. If you both love card games, a trip to Vegas might be a great addition to your wedding gift registry. If you enjoy mountain climbing or hiking, recreational gear and a trip to a national park you've always wanted to visit could be a wonderful wedding registry gift for you and your future spouse.

Bucket Lists

Many people have "bucket lists", or lists of things that they want to see or accomplish in their lifetime. Whether you've always wanted to learn to salsa dance or venture on an African safari, bucket lists are a great way to get ideas for your bridal registry or honeymoon registry that reflect your unique lifestyle.

Weekend Rituals

Sometimes the simple weekend rituals that you share can be the inspiration for creating a wedding registry that suits you perfectly. Do you love catching a flick at the movies? Is there a charming bed and breakfast that you enjoy driving to for a little rest and relaxation? Maybe there's an Italian restaurant that you visit every Friday without fail. All of these things can inspire gift ideas for a wedding registry, honeymoon registry or shower registry that are a true reflection of the bride and groom.

Started the wedding planning process? Wishing for wedding registry gifts that reflect your deepest passions and biggest dreams? Open a new Wedding Wish Registry on our site, and invite family and friends to celebrate the big day with gifts that will bring you a lifetime of joy and memories. is a wedding registry for wishes, not stuff. It is a unique and tasteful Cash Gift Registry or Cash Wedding Registry. Wedding guests can contribute money toward your most meaningful wishes and dreams, instead of giving you cutlery.

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