Disposable Paper and Plastic Cups

Disposable paper and plastic cups are essential drinkware for coffee shops, restaurants and other refreshment points. At present, they are used mostly in railways, airports, ice cream parlors and more. These easily discardable cups are popular among health conscious people. They are not only environment-friendly but reduce your overall operational and storage costs.

Paper Cups-An Inexpensive Means of Advertising

Paper cups come in vibrant colors and designs, adding more elegance to your parties. They prove to be the right drinkware for any occasion and purpose. New insulated paper cups are suitable for holding hot drinks for a longer time. Disposable paper coffee cups have now become the most sought after means of advertisement. Corporates imprint their logos or ad messages on these as a promotional means of their services and products. As an inexpensive means of reaching out to more people, nowadays, people mostly choose wholesale paper cups. This helps them to get quality products at highly reduced rates.

Disposable Plastic Cups in Different Makes and Designs

Plastic cups are lighter in weight, durable, dishwasher proof and in some cases even stackable. They are suitable for serving a variety of drinks such as juice, coffee, beer, tea and more. For handling hot and cold beverages, they are available in different makes and designs; today hot and cold plastic coffee cups are found in abundance in the market. Certain cup models come with unique handle designs to keep the finger from touching the hot drink. Clear plastic cups are increasingly being used in hospitals and drug testing centers. They are found to be a great way to maintain a germ-free, environmental friendly atmosphere.

When you don’t feel like rinsing piled up used cups and glasses, you can buy some disposable paper and plastic cups from the nearest retailers. Besides, you can save the money that would otherwise be spent in buying expensive glassware.

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