Diamonds – Size Or Quality?

June is the month in which many people around the world get married. They find themselves in a storm of decisions but what many brides do not know is that before the engagement, their husband-to-be was considering what type of diamond to propose with and may have been stressed out with the whole experience. Men are told that a good rule of thumb is to spend at least two month’s salary on the engagement ring. This can be quite a chunk of income going out in one shot. The good news is that many brides have their own ideas as to what their intended should spend.

We are told that the higher the quality, the better. What men do not realize when it comes to an engagement ring is that size and beauty matters more than the scale at which diamonds are compared as far as their potential brides are concerned. Any woman would rather have a one carat diamond that may not hit the top of the 4 C’s list than a 1/4 carat that is considered flawless. When it comes to diamonds, size does matter.

As long as the diamond is not “yellow” or “dirty looking” any lady is sure to love a bigger rock. There are of course those who really do not care about such things but candidly speaking, most women want the rock to be noticeable. They don’t want their friends to have to look for it. If you are considering buying an engagement ring then you are most likely going to be better off asking your lady what she would like. If you take your time and shop around you are going to find that you can purchase a nice size stone that sparkles and will not send your finances into oblivion.

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