Diamonds – How to Clean

As diamonds are the hardest substance known to man you might think they do not require cleaning. Nothing could be further from the truth however. Diamonds get as dirty and grubby as any other substance.

Some important points to remember when cleaning diamonds are:

Do not be too aggressive, the diamond may be able to take it but the precious metal of gold or silver in which the diamond is set may be easily damaged.

This applications using pastes or powders and obviously metal scourers are right out of the question.

Here are two ways to clean diamonds in their setting.

Soapy water

Mix a small amount of dishwashing detergent with warm water until you have sub suds. Immerse the diamond jewelry into the solution and gently brush with an old toothbrush set side for this purpose only.

Rinse in warm running water.

You can then pat dry or leave on a dry cloth surface to dry for a while.

The other method is by using an.

Ammonia Solution

In a small bowl mix one part ammonia to 6 parts water (Distilled water is best).

Immerse the item to be cleaned into the solution.

Using a soft toothbrush, gently brush the item.

Ensure you brush the entire object including the back of the stone and the parts where the setting meets the stone. These areas tend to collect body oils which can deteriorate the setting.

Rinse in warm running water.

You can then pat dry or leave on a dry cloth surface to dry for a while.

When using ammonia make sure the solution is very weak. You do not need to use a lot of ammonia. Be careful with some metals also, such as silver and gold. The piece must be rinsed off very thoughly so there is no residual solution left on it otherwise some of the metal may react with the ammonia and discolor.

Extra Tips:

It has been suggested that distilled water be used. Some tap waters contain impurities that may affect the setting and even dull the stone with impurities on the surface.

If using ammonia, ensure you do your cleansing in a well ventilated area and do not crouch down over the dish when cleaning. Also be sure to avoid inhaling the ammonia solution directly.

Using the above your diamonds should come up sparkling clean and your settings will remain clean, intact and unscratched.

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