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In life a constantly reoccurring theme for most people would be, the search for what makes them happy; in addition a common answer for this question would be: an extension to our wardrobe. Designer Studio’s motto is “Always fighting for better fashion”, so any quest for this year’s new must-have items ends here!

Our new project to take on the big-bad internet is just another of our endeavors to provide you, the costumer, with the latest designer numbers. Whether it be at our stationary store, or at our new location in cyberspace! Designer Studio has all the raw new fashions.  Any of our featured looks can be found in these two locations. The website link is:

 It is the personal styling instincts of the company’s owner, native-born Frenchman, that is responsible for obtaining and making available to you, this harvest of designer dishes.Makinig his way from fashion show to the next; one might define Laurent Baillieux as the most á la mode man here!

 Designer Studio’s team of fashion specialist is sent directly to explore new brands and opportunities to bring in the latest fashions for the season. Our team can be found frequently participating in Fashion Weeks in the major fashion cities across the world: Las Vegas, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, and Miami.

In Las Vegas: Project and Magic

As well as Pool, a fashion show opportunity for young and upcoming designers.

From New York the in vogue fashions of Coterie.

Class– from fashion week in Los Angeles

Traffik– from the sizzling city of Miami

And Agenda, here in Designer Studios home city of San Diego!

 This international traveling has afforded us the opportunity to obtain some worldwide clientele as well. We sale products all the way to the other side of the pacific, as far away as Japan, so you’re never too far away to receive any of these spectacular pieces.

If interested, we are located in America’s finest city, San Diego, and our website is

Immobilienmakler Heidelberg

Makler Heidelberg

Schnell, zuverlässig und kompetent

Source by Designer Studio

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