Decorate Your Home With Interactive Decor Accessories

Most people use the words 'accessories' and 'show pieces' interchangeably. They may not be identical wrong in their assumptions as show pieces are in fact accessories; however accessories are not necessarily always showpieces. The major difference between the two is that showpieces are to be looked at and not touched; whereas accessories are accessible.

If you have school-going age children, put all traditional home décor ideas on hold for a while and try re-orienting your decorating mind. Instead of putting out your porcelain figurines and forever admonishing, "Stand far and look! Do not touch!" why not have on display interactive accessories that are accessible to children. Whether on the wall or on the table, these interactive accessories encourage inquisitive minds to "Come on over and have a look. Go ahead and touch me too".

Interactive accessories do not just sit in a corner looking fabulous. They promote interaction between family members and can also teach children a lot, in a fun and interesting way.

Still puzzled? Think world maps, jigsaw puzzles, coffee table books, photographs and children's artwork and you'll instantly realize their potential as interactive home décor accessories.

Replace your conventional home décor with these ideas for interactive home accessories and see what a difference it makes:

Jigsaw Puzzles
Replace your designer centerpiece from the center table in the living room with a large 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle and watch the whole family get more and more involved as bits and pieces come together right in front of their very eyes. Did you think most children considered jigsaw puzzles old-fashioned? On the contrary, any child would happily give up their X-Box or Play Station time for a chance to spend time doing something with their family. Put out a 1000-piece double sided jigsaw puzzle for twice the fun!

Even your guests are sure to enjoy trying to piece the puzzle together every time they come over to visit. Nobody will even notice the absence of the gorgeous centerpiece that you've taken away to accommodate the puzzle.

World Maps
Without every inch of your wall space is already used up to hang picture frames and what not, you do not really need to remove anything. Just find a spot on the wall that is highly visible and hang a world map at a little lower level. Just pointing to any one country or city on the world map opens up endless windows of discussions. Tell your kids some interesting facts about the place they've pointed to the geography of the place, an interesting historical anecdote or perhaps their culture.

In another area, hang up a frame map of your home town. Challenge your kids to identify places they have visited and if you spent your childhood in the same town, regale them with interesting stories of "your days" and what used to be at that very spot just a few years ago.

Convert one part of your wall into an interactive album. You could change the display according to the occasion. For your child's birthday party, display photographs of all past parties. Your kids and their friends as well as all the parents, you too, are sure to have a blast remembering the fun times they all had. It also serves as a great way to see how the kids have grown over the years.

At other times, put up a random assortment of photographs of the immediate family with various friends and extended family. Photographic walls evoke a lot of bittersweet memories and make for a very emotional interactive décor accessory.

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