Creative Uses For Decorative Vases

A vase is a decorative piece that's used to display flowers. In general the flowers are the main point of the vase, but often people will leave these pieces out even when they do not have anything of a floral nature to display. That is because the vase itself can be a very attractive piece of the room's decoration. Its' also possible to get pretty creative with vases, and there are a number of interesting effects you can create by arranging them in creative ways.

One of the great things about decorating with vases is the fact that it invites life into the home. If you can find a vase arrangement that is attractive even without flowers, then it will be a positive piece of the rooms atmosphere, however it will always be slightly lacking, always in need of some missing element. That will in turn encourage you to purchase plants or flowers to fill these attractive pieces up with, thus inviting a fresh and vibrant energy into the space.

Multiple vases is one way to get creative with arrangement. You can have a trio of pieces ranging in size from large to small lining a mantel or even resting on a coffee table. The colors on vase arrangements can range, and you can get more creative choosing contrasting and complementary tones for tandem vase pieces.

You should try to incorporate the vases into whatever environment you are placing them. Tiny glass vases look great sitting in a sunny window. Marble vases are appropriate for a room with natural stone features. In a more modern setting you may want to choose stainless steel or art deco pieces.

Vases are attractive pieces that are about more than just flowers. They can be beautiful and interesting accessories in their own right, and with a little creative arrangement, they can become the centerpieces of the home.

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