Create a Honeymoon Registry

One of the latest wedding trends is registering for the honeymoon. This is similar to registering for toasters, dishes, and other household items at a local department store. This practice has been common for some time and has made it easy to give a gift that the couple needs and will be able to use. Honeymoon registries began in the 1990s and work in much the same way.

Couples select the destination for their honeymoon and make a list of different things they want to do on their honeymoon. Specific items and fun activities are listed with a price tag for each item. Popular choices include items such as hotel nights, romantic meals, and massages or other spa treatments, and snorkeling trips. Guests can browse these lists and select what they would like to purchase for the bride and groom. They are actually buying portions of your honeymoon.

Honeymoon registries can be good for both the engaged couple and gift givers. Many couples do not have a need for lots of household items and are excited about planning their honeymoon instead. Friends and family are often happy to purchase a gift that will hold special memories for the newly married couple.

Most honeymoon registries are online websites. Wedding guests view the registry online, choose the gift they wish to purchase, and pay with their credit card. The registry company will then notify the couple that a gift has been purchased or mail the gift-givers certificates they can present to the couple. The company also keeps track of gifts received, making it easy to send "Thank You" cards afterwards. Sales tax is not added to purchases, but each company does charge a fee ranging from 3% – 10%.

Some honeymoon registries help the couple to book their travel arrangements. Others simply run the registry, mailing a check to the bride and groom, who will then make their own travel plans. Many of registries allow the couple to create their personal wedding website, which may include a personal message to guests, information like how they met, the details of the wedding, information about the wedding party, photos of the couple, and directions to the wedding and reception.

There are a variety of honeymoon registries. Make sure you select the best one by browsing at least three different companies, keeping the following criteria in mind:

1. Does it look like a quality website?

2. Is the site easy to navigate?

3. Will you be able to arrange your own travel?

4. What are the fees?

5. Is the registry a member of the Better Business Bureau?

6. Are the sample registries appealing to you?

A honeymoon registry is an alternative to consider as couple register for wedding gifts. It is one way for a couple to afford the honeymoon of their dreams.

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