Corelle Dinnerware Sets – Six Different Types

A Corelle dinnerware set comes in six different types and within each type are several different patterns.

Simply Nature

A Corelle dinnerware set from this style is organic, light and very enchanting. With one of these beautiful sets you can celebrate everything natural. There are five patterns within this style and each one is unique. Bamboo Leaf is a square set that will remind you of an ocean breeze or a cool, tropical drink. Neo Leaf will add a touch of nature to casual table settings. Leaves is a colorful pattern in blues and browns and would go beautifully with a botanical-themed home décor. Shadow Iris is a sophisticated pattern that depicts tall wisps of irises. It is very subtle and lovely and will add an Eastern-inspired element to your dining table. Callaway is a floral pattern with a sculpted rim that would go perfect with just about any decor.

Classic Elegance

This style is very tasteful and timeless. A Corelle dinnerware set from one of these five patterns will never go out of style. Edgy features curvy walls and you would have to see this set to understand just how elegant it really is with its black edging and white interior. It is simply classic. Camilla is a botanical scene with vibrant colors. This is a pattern that will be sure to brighten up your dinner table. Tango is pure sophistication with its black floral design and golden waves. Chutney is for anyone who has a fruit theme in their dining area (or for anyone who loves fruit). It is a fall harvest color palette with a sculptured rim. White Flower is very understated yet elegant with a single white blossom.

Casual Whimsy

Happy Days Corelle dinnerware set has a bright multi-colored floral design that will cheer you up just by looking at it. Squared has a Retro look to it with its blue, brown and green colors and bold design. Martini will add pop to any table setting with its brown, beige and white color palette. Pretty Pink is a fresh look with its square plates and soft pink design. Memphis is for anyone who enjoys a bright, bold table. Its colorful striped edging includes red, yellow, blue and green.

Sleek and Modern

All the patterns from this style of Corelle dinnerware sets are sleek and streamlined. They are very stylish and would look lovely on any table. Fine Lines and Simple Lines are similar in that they are both square. Fine Lines uses bright contrasting colors (red and black) while Simple Lines uses only black. Both styles are elegant and contemporary. Nouveau has paisley printing in black, gray and white, while Flo with its geometric design offers a wide appeal. Royal Lines is a black and white floral design with hints of red that creates a striking presence.

Global Fusion

A Corelle dinnerware set from this style will add an exotic touch to your table. Cherry Blossom, Kobe and Isleha are all square in style with the first two patterns offering a tile, delicate look and the latter style offering vibrant colors with a bold, geometric design. Provencal and Casa Flora each offer a floral patter with the latter inspired by the colors of Mexico.

Cozy Chic

All Corelle dinnerware sets from this style are warm and inviting with all but one being in shades of blue. These patterns are inspired by the seasons and will make any guest feel at home.

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