Convert Any Table Into A Table Tennis Table With A Table Tennis Conversion Top

When it comes to providing convenience regarding your home entertainment, versatility and space-saving options really make the most of your environment. Often, large gaming items, such as pool tables, shuffleboard or table tennis equipment can be placed in a separate game room, basement setting or large garage. To obtain all of the above and still have enough room to move around or store other items, conversion tops are a rather helpful investment to consider.

On the market, there are plenty of table tennis conversion tops that are created to fit an array of different pool table sizes. This product is great for someone who already owns a pool table or is looking to save money and space regarding future purchases. Basically, a table tennis conversion top utilizes the frame and body of a pool table so individuals may enjoy the convenience of playing the game at the drop of a hat.

A table tennis conversion top often fastens to a pool table with the use of top mounting brackets that holds both surfaces together in a firm manner. Since individuals purchase conversion tops that correspond to the size of their pool table, the fit will remove the fear of pocket interference. Below, you will find a few benefits that come with the purchase of a table tennis conversion top:

Easy Installation

The playing surface of a table tennis conversion top is designed to conveniently match the playing surface of the pool table in your home. All you need to know is the playing field measurements. A 3 1/2′ x 7′ table offers a playing field of 39″ x 78″, while a 4′ x 8′ table provides 44″ x 88″ of playing space. Commercial 4′ x 8′ tables include a playing field of 46″ x 92″ while regulation play (50″ x 100″) is found on a 4 1/2′ x 9′ table.

Added Value

When purchasing a conversion top for table tennis play, the value received is quite an advantage as you save money from purchasing an entire ping-pong apparatus for your home. When not used for play, the tabletop may serve as a sturdy counter for studying, eating and other hobbies.

Space Saving

Instead of having two separate gaming tables, pool and table tennis, you can save space by purchasing one large table and a conversion top that easily stores on top of your pool table when not in use.

Protective Covering

One of the biggest threats that a home pool table faces involves the appearance of the surface, which has a tendency to attract food crumbs and spilled beverages. With the purchase of a table tennis conversion top, you will not only expand your entertainment capabilities, but also have a convenient protective covering to increase the life of your pool table surface.

Table Tennis Conversion Top Example

An example of a table tennis conversion top includes the ultra-versatile Switch-Top model, which can transform a pool table into both a table tennis arena and hockey center. This type of tabletop package will include a net, two posts, hockey pucks and hockey handles. Ping-pong paddles and balls are often purchased separately or offered through different sets.

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