Clothing to Hide Man Boobs – Discover What to Wear

Men feel embarrassed when people stare at their chests due to them having enlarged breasts. Men with boobs are considered unmanly by many and therefore attract a lot of uninvited attention so it is no wonder that men try to hide man boobs from view.

The truth is that out of the many men who suffer with breasts, it’s only a minority that have perfected the art of concealing them with garments.

Firstly, you should take time to go shopping for bras that will suit your boobs and press them nicely against your body such that they will appear quite flattened. In fact, a well fitting bra can eliminate the bulge of the boobs on your chest and hide man boobs from view quite successfully.

Secondly, seeing as most men will be reluctant to wear a bra, you can pick from a variety of garments designed to offer compression to the chest area to hide man boobs. Most commonly, these garments are vests made of firm and elastic material and they apply sufficient pressure on the breasts to give the impression of a firm well built chest rather than female like breasts.

Another available option is to buy tank tops that have built in self bras. These are much more convenient because you will not need to wear a covering garment as in the case when using a bra. The built in brass offer a firm support and compression to hide man boobs quite successfully.

Make sure that your clothing whether a shirt or t-shirt is not too tight. Clothing that clings to your body tends to accentuate your every curve and will end up giving your boobs all the attention there is.

Similarly, clothing that is too loose fitting will also hang back and expose your boobs. Preferably one should go for clothing that is exactly their size and gives them a feeling of comfort and ease.

Choosing thin fabric for clothing spells disaster for gynecomastia sufferers. Thick fabrics like wool and cotton are very effective in concealing the bulge of nipples and overall breast shape.

Finally, one can create illusions by wearing dark colors and striped or patterned clothing which generally make you appear thinner.

Whichever your choice, you should not feel embarrassed when buying and also go for a clothing that you are comfortable with, it’s a free world after all!

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