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Citizen Brings Innovation with the Eco-Drive Collection:

The Eco-drive series was launched in Latin America and Europe in 1995 and in 1996 at the US. The series has been manufactured and marketed by Citizen Watch Co. LTD. In the year 2007 at North America, the company disposed around 10 million batteries. The series has very strong solar powered watches. It is launched mostly in limited editions criteria. It is the first kind of a watch with solar cells that has launched in the history. The solar cells are mounted under the dial, unlike the previous series.

Eco-Drive Erases the Need for Battery:

The first Eco-Drive movements employed the titanium lithium-ion rechargeable and secondary ions to store electrical energy. If anyone is looking for a watch that is completely light-weight, accurate and affordable, he / she could opt for the Eco-drive watch. You do not need to swap batteries every day as the watch charges through solar energy and light. There are several models in the series that could be chosen. Unlike before, one has a variety of options while choosing a timepiece. If the watch does not get a solar charge it goes on standby mode. One needs to charge it again if it goes off due to insufficient charge in the watch.

The series goes off well with casual as well as formal wear. The watch gets charged with the interior light as well, but the sun's light is the best way to charge it. There are numerous of choices to find the suitable timepiece for oneself in the series. Quality always has a price and citizen has not compromised with its quality at all. The watch offers chronograph movement which allows you to start and stop time recording. The company states that the oil used by them in their watches does not harden even after 20 years of its use. The oil makes the movement of the watch much smoother. To maintain the long lasting precision, Citizen recommends a watch gasket exchange.

The Function of the Watches:

These watches are equipped with titanium lithium ion secondary battery that is charged by an amorphous silicon photocell located behind the dial. The watches are generally introduced at the exhibitions. If there is no power generated, Eco-drive Thermo movement will save power by moving the second hand. The timepieces are designed with the 100 meters water-resistant capacity.

The watch comes up with the warranty if any defect arises in it. The water resistance feature allows you to take the watch in the pool or around the sink. The heavier use of the watch can cause damages to it as it is not shock resistant. The brand recommends charging the solar cell on a daily basis as there will be no harm if the battery is overcharged. If you are tired of changing your timepiece battery, then this series by Citizen is the destination for you as it comes with solar charge batteries.

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