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You have finally reached that age where you are starting to think about investing in a quality set of flatware. However, there are so many different kinds and brands of flatware on the market that sometimes it can be overwhelming. One of the first sets of flatware that you come across is Othenia, but how do you know if Othenia is the right flatware for you? Here is a comparison of Othenia to a group of similar popular brands on the market.

Othenia is a unique piece of Oneida flatware in that it was inspired by the designs and sculptural details of Scandinavian furniture. Even though the inspiration comes from classic design, Othenia flatware still presents a sleek, clean design for your tabletop setting.

Othenia is part of the many lines of flatware from the historic Oneida Ltd. Oneida has a history of top of the line craftsmanship in stainless steel silverware for over one hundred years. Oneida is considered the number one brand of silverware in the nation and has not only the top design in the industry but the top five designs. But how does the Othenia line stack up to its competitors?

One similar brand of flatware to compare is Gorham. This is a flatware provider whose legacy goes all the way back to 1831. Though it is simply priced to Othenia, Gorham has much more of an elegant and traditional design. With Othenia being an Oneida brand, they also offer an open stock policy which Gorham does not. This means that if you were to lose a piece of your silverware from Gorham you would have to buy a complete set to replace your lost piece. With open stock you are able to buy a single piece to replace the one that has been lost without spending a fortune on an entire new set.

Another similar brand of flatware to compare is Towle. This flatware brand has been around for more than three hundred years but still continues to introduce new young yet still classic designs of flatware to the market. The design is once again much more traditional and unlike Othenia does not have the Oneida "pattern for a lifetime" guarantee. This means that with the pattern guarantee you can be assured that your pattern will always be available to you to buy additional pieces in, and will never be fully discontinued.

Heritage is another similar brand that you may want to compare when looking at flatware. With a similar style and feel, Heritage is probably the most similar of brands to Othenia on the market with its contemporary curves and shiny finishes. However, this brand also fails when it comes down to the guarantees provided by Oneida regarding lost or stolen pieces of your Othenia flatware.

If you still want to compare flatware but want the security of the guarantees that the Oneida line provides, consider looking at similar brands within Oneida such as Aquarius. This line has a contemporary smooth looks and comes with the same promise that if parts of your collection is lost or stolen you will be able to replace one of them, or all of them, regardless of how long it has been since you bought your original set.

As you can see there are many options even outside of the ones discussed here to consider when looking for your new set of flatware. Hopefully you have seen that beyond looking at styles that compliment your tastes and your home décor, you should also be looking for a flatware brand name that can not only provide quality product, but also a host of guarantees to protect your investment.

Buying sterling silver or stainless steel quality flatware is a major investment. As long as you intelligent research the market and consider all your options before buying, you will end up with an heirloom quality addition to your future home décor and dining experience.

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