Choosing the Right Dinnerware

There are a multitude of different styles of dinnerware out in the market today; you can choose from a plain and simple design to a more extravagant, and detailed style. The important thing to remember when choosing the right dinnerware is determining the occasion that it will be used for. Remember, identifying the purpose will allow you to pinpoint what to look for when purchasing the sets.

The Design

The first option to look into will be the design of the dinnerware sets. The important thing to remember about design is that it should not only match the food being served, it should also match the surroundings. If you have a Victorian dining room and table, then it would be wise to get a matching Victorian style dinnerware. On the other hand, if you are planning to host modern party, modern plates should be used.

The hard part is trying to match the sets with the food being served. Most likely, you will not be eating the same type of food everyday and that might be a problem for specialized sets, because they are not flexible when it comes to food types (i.e. those with Chinese patterns will not match with modern food, or Mexican meals etc.). That is why it is advisable to get white generic plates to use for everyday meals and themed sets for special occasions.

The Durability

Another important consideration needs to be the durability of the sets. Especially for those that will be used for everyday meals, durability is very important. Therefore, one should look for dinnerware pieces that are heavy and thick because this will give them additional strength to handle the stress of being handled everyday. Also, the pieces should be equipped with a tough but shiny coating that can handle being scrubbed everyday (or at least being washed everyday). The coating should also be strong enough to combat the weathering power of the chemicals in dishwashing soap; otherwise, the coat and shine will disappear faster, leaving the plates more susceptible to germs (besides looking highly unattractive).

The Availability

Finally, it is very important to buy dinnerware sets that have sufficient inventory. This is because inevitable breakages will happen whether you like it or not. If you have a very unique set, it will be very hard to find a replacement for the damaged piece. This will render the whole collection half its value and will force you to shell out more money buying a new set. That is why, if you own unique dinnerware sets (especially antiques), be very careful because one false move and the whole thing can be rendered half its worth.

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