Choosing Luxury Cutlery

When one thinks of luxury cutlery it is the finest sterling silver that springs to mind. But, is this necessarily right for you? A lot depends upon your personal preference, how often you plan to use the cutlery and what your budget is. Sterling silver cutlery requires careful storage and laborious polishing at regular intervals due to tarnishing. Also, it is not dishwasher safe, so must be washed by hand. However, it polishes up beautifully and is wonderful to hold and use. It often becomes an heirloom, being passed down the generations, so its longevity and value are worth considering too. Silver plate could be a satisfactory alternative to sterling silver and is worth looking at. Finest quality Sheffield stainless steel should not be dismissed and although perhaps not as aesthetically pleasing as sterling silver, it can be just as beautiful and pleasurable to use.

Choosing fine cutlery need not be a minefield, investigate well known manufacturers, visit their websites and try to see as many of their products as you can by visiting large department stores. Sterling silver cutlery should be 92.5% pure silver, fully hallmarked and it will be hand finished. There will be a good choice of patterns, from the traditional old fashioned styles to the ultra modern chic designs and that really is down to personal preference. Silver plate should be considered if you do not wish to or cannot afford to buy sterling silver. The best manufacturers always give a guarantee with the minimum being around 25 years. If you are choosing finest Sheffield stainless steel, you should choose steel with the numbers 18/10 as this is the best quality and most durable steel.

There is also the number of implements to consider, how many place settings and what you want for each setting. Beginning with the basic setting of table knife and fork, soup spoon, dessert fork and spoon and teaspoon, you can then tailor the setting to your requirements with items such as dessert knives, fruit knives, butter knives, fish blades and forks, coffee spoons, salad knives and forks and steak knives. However many pieces you decide upon, each piece should feel balanced and be of a good weight. It should feel comfortable in your hand and be easy to use. Get a feel for what cutlery you like to hold, get recommendations from friends and family and just enjoy the process of choosing and trying out.

Once you have chosen your cutlery, you will need a suitable container in which to store it. There are some very beautiful and luxurious cabinets which will also complement your cutlery. Always buy a purpose built cabinet which is lined and has slots for each individual piece as this will ensure your precious cutlery remains undamaged, that way your beautiful cutlery will be enjoyed for many years to come.

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