Casual Vs Formal Dinnerware

Which should you choose? Formal dinnerware or casual dinnerware? Ideally, you should choose both. You will, over the course of your lifetime, have a need for both of them. Unfortunately, you probably don't want to buy them both just now. Last I checked, they can be quite expensive. And so, you need to make a decision, which will you choose?

Casual dinnerware is likely to come in a greater variety of colors. It is likely to be available in brighter, bolder patterns. Often, the plates are larger and thicker. All in all, I think they evoke a casual feeling and make me think of friends and family eating in the kitchen, casually eating outside or a jumble of people at my house.

Formal dinnerware often comes in white, with light, delicate patterns. The plates are generally thinner and smaller than casual plates. It evokes images of quiet, romantic dinners, holiday meals with family and friends and hosting business dinners. It doesn't evoke feelings of boredom or quiet but rather feelings of sophistication and elegance.

Which of the above descriptions match your lifestyle the most? Which most accurate match your goals and aspirations? Do you approach dinner as a casual affair in general or do you feel it is a more serious affair?

Nowadays, I think there are enough choices out there to find something that sits somewhere in the middle. Not too thin, not too delicate but also not too "out there" for a more sophisticated evening. I have seen some great examples of these lately, both in the homes of friends and family and in the stores.

I saw beautiful coral colored dinnerware with a distinctive square shape. They had no pattern on them but the color was interesting. It struck me as creative – sophisticated. I think that they could easily have been used at both a formal and a casual occasion. It is possible to find the middle ground, if that is what you are looking for.

For the bargain or clumsy shopper, I have even seen some Corelle dishes with elegant patterns and edging that would suit a formal dinner very well.

Casual or formal, there are many brands, materials and patterns available. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide which style fits your lifestyle.

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Makler Heidelberg

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