Business Skills For Careers In The Fashion Industry

If you have even a slight interest in fashion, the industry may offer what you need to have an engaging, exciting career. This industry caters to a range of interests, including fashion photography, merchandising, marketing, buying, fashion stylists, and fashion design.

Some have what it takes to survive in the fashion industry. Some don’t. Some say success in fashion depends on talent, others sure will power. One thing is for sure- very few make it to the top echelon of fame and fortune to design fashion couture. But one may succeed in the fashion industry on a smaller scale.

Merchandising, marketing, and buying skills will most likely be the part of the same job description, unless you work for a large company that can afford to employ specialists in each area. A fashion merchandiser makes sure a storefront puts on a strong front. They are in charge of the presentation of items- the placement of clothing on mannequins- what jewelry highlights which outfit, for example. A fashion merchandiser is a trend spotter in a sense- they keep up on latest trends so they may know what to stock the store with.

Fashion merchandising requires more than a knowledge of what’s hot in fashion. A merchandiser must also be business savvy- they have to make sure the clothing bought by the store is in the target customer’s price range, that the store itself can afford to purchase the clothing at a certain price, and how much of the clothing will sell. And a merchandiser will need a few marketing tricks up his or her sleeve. A fashion merchandiser must also know how to negotiate with the suppliers of the clothing. Negotiating skills involve excellent communication and possibly ability to wheel and deal.

Fashion photographers must have the best job in the photography business. The high end photographers get to meet famous people. Fashion photographers must go where the shoot is, so they may take many expenses paid vacations.

A fashion stylist is the bridge between fashion and psychology. Stylists match clothing to people’s personalities. A good stylist is able to ensemble an outfit that will list the spirits of the wearer. A fashion stylist may work for individuals and prepare outfits for special events and occasions, or they may work for television shows or on a movie set.

Fashion styling requires pure talent. A stylist must choose clothing that is a flattering color as well as the right fit and shape to flatter the individual’s body type.

An entrepreneurial nature is a bonus in the fashion industry. Many jobs require you to work for yourself and your success will depend on your ability to market yourself. An entrepreneur must be self-motivated and able to network socially.

The fashion industry is always changing. This makes for a lot of work for someone working in this field, albeit a perfect field for anyone who becomes bored easily! Competitiveness and creativity are perfect personality matches in fashion related occupations. If you have what it takes the fashion industry has a lot to offer.

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