Bridesmaid's Wedding Toast

It's true that 'words make a wedding'! No matter how beautiful the location and decoration, how gorgeous the bridesmaids and how lovely the cake and flowers, the exchange of vows and the toasts celebrating the marriage are what make the occasion memorable.

At most weddings, the 'toast of the night' is generally claimed to the best man's right. A little bit of humor and candor, a couple of jokes deriding the bridegroom and some instances from is past and the speech is done. When it comes to the bridesmaid's or the 'maid of honor's' speech it is expected to be sweet and warm, the standard mushy type of script. But a bridesmaid's speech can be made even more memorable with some thought and planning.

To ensure that the speech in honor of the newlyweds goes off without a hitch, it is important to remember the following factors:

1. Taking the speech seriously – gracefully accepting the honor and responsibility

2. Avoid procrastination – get on the job and make notes a couple of weeks before D-day

3. Include the necessities – a personal favorite memory or joke about the couple that is emotionally significant

4. Keep it short and sweet – avoid rambling or including gimmicky anecdotes

5. Practice makes perfect – rehearse the speech to avoid getting a panic attack

Here are some tips to make a heartwarming bridesmaid's speech.

• Specific in praise – generic terms like 'she's the best' or 'she's so lovely' etc may sound good but they don't add up. A couple of instances of stories that reveal the bride's qualities will do the trick. Blanket statements don't send the point across as much as a real-life incident where the connect is visible.

• The bride is the focal point – sharing close incidents or stories about the bridesmaid's closeness with the bride is fine as long as the focus stays on the bride. Talking about the bride and groom and their fantastic relationship puts them in full view as 'the couple of the hour'.

• Leaving the embarrassment out – everything from the treasure trove is not for public sharing. There should be no mention of ex-boyfriends or dating failures and other embarrassing instances.

• Begin with the bride, end with the wedding couple – a bridesmaid is closest to the bride so trace the romance of the bride and the groom, the role they have played in each other's life and how they complement each other.

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